Roll Call: Siegward's Origin

Real Name: Siegward von Gunzburg
Public Identity: Siegward, Fate's Apprentice (link to Statistic Block)
Occupation: Mystical Doctor and Investigator
Base: Impoverished districts of a Metropolis

Roll Call: Siegward, Fate's Apprentice

Fate's Apprentice
Character built using the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition RPG
Power Level 10, 150 pp
Inspiration: Doctor Strange, Captain America, Thor
Appearance: Curly frizzled hair, golden beige skin tone, bright and softly glowing golden eyes

2018: A year of Change

As a whole 2018 has become a symbolic year of change. It has become the end of a very turbulent chapter in my life. Now a father of a 2 year old son, a son that now will have to split his time between two realities, I find myself having to look back on the last 35 years of my life and question what lessons I have learned and how best to take the next step going forward.

If one thing has been true time and time again, it is that I have a strong aptitude and drive to become a writer. With the turning of the clock bringing me into the 2018th year, I vowed to do what I could to start making a living as a fictional author and creative writer. will be the vehicle for that drive.