Monday, March 23, 2015

Life in the Fassia Lane!

In my entire life, I have often reflected what it would take to be the "PERFECT FASSIA." Not sure what a Fassia is? Google "Austin Powers Gold Member Fassia" and I'm sure you'll get the idea. Either way, I wanted to be a perfect father. Essentially, I was to be an at-home father who would be available for a loving wife and children if the need ever arose. And then it happened, and it would seem such a dream was not to happen... at least not in a way that I could have ever anticipated.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

[X-Wing Miniatures] Win for the Rebel Aces!

X-Wing Miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games is by far one my favorite Miniature games I have played in a long time. Normally a type of game that requires a hefty amount of time, money, and practice and enjoy X-Wing Miniatures has a level of different rules to help anyone hop in and have fun. Their expansions are reasonably priced, pre-painted, and come with enough extra fluff and "upgrades" to accommodate a wide variety of squads (the name used for a player's chosen ships they use during their game exchanges) and budgets.

This last weekend I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friends +Jon Ellis and +Kyle Gifford and try out some fleet ideas. I have enough models in my collection that I was able to have 6 different squads to try out with each of them having their own input and squad ideas as well. The chaos that followed was some of my favorite experiences with the game in a long time.

Monday, January 05, 2015

On Harmony and Sin

This week I wish to share with those willing to read along and provide constructive feedback a very sensitive topic that I often find myself explaining in both a public and in political discussions. The topic itself relates to homosexuality and my personal acceptance of it and a piece as to why I do. If such a topic does not interest you, please feel free to ignore, or follow along if only to satiate your personal curiosity on my personal views on the topic.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Love that Saved the World!

That is right, we did it. "Right... HOW did you do it though?" you may ask? Two years ago today, the infamous 12/21/12 was declared the day that would "End the World as We Know It" as mandated by predictions from a large number of iconic cataclysmically faithful figures as interpreted from the Mayan Calendar's 5,126 year long cycle that ended on that day.

Though despite all the concern, all the worry, my wife +Katie Lorando and I stepped up and faced the end of the world with style as we looked into each other's eyes and declared our vows to each other. It happened during some of the most awkward circumstances with it's fair share of doubt and worry. Though by the end of the day, my wife and I had found our place in a Bed and Breakfast as we embraced each other, now fully united and accepted among our ancestors and family in both body and spirit.

When we closed our eyes that night, we were content and happy without a care in the world and knowing that "Till Death do us Part" could happen at any moment. And yet, when we opened our eyes we found that indeed the world did not end. Our love... had saved the world. Ironically the "End of the world as we know it" still stayed true, and our world was changed forever.

The year is now 2014, and my wife and I are now on our way to adding the "Father and Mother" accomplishments to our marital banner and our lives continue to amaze us with each waking moment. Let it be known that even after the 2 years of marriage, and the additional 4 years of having been with my wife, I love her now more than I ever have. And it is a love that grows with each day if not each precious moment I get with her.

Happy Anniversary dear lover, here is to enjoying many more years together as we continue to save the world one kiss at a time!

Christopher B. Lorando, Husband to Katie L. Lorando
Father and Mother to be to Dieghan K. Lorando
December 21st, 2014

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Life as a Father to be...

It has been yet another bout of silence as has become a sad habit of this blog, though this time it has been one of profound change. Around the day of my birthday (June 7th) my wife surprised me with a positive pregnancy test and informed me that I was to become a father. After my last post in July, we both waited patiently to insure that the pregnancy was in fact that and not a chemical one as we had found on multiple other occasions. Now it is certain, and I have been struggling to make peace with my inner demons and career as I try to make this world a better place for my soon-to-be son.