Roll Call: Lando the Lost Satyr

Regent of Satyrs Crossing, Esquire
Amtgard Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Character using the Amtgard 8th Edition rules.

Lando the Lost, Corrupted by the power of the Void!

Classes of Record: Bard (Default), Assassin, Monster (Satyr)
Inspiration: Star Trek's Pavel Chekov, Marvel Comic's Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Guild Wars Mesmer

LANGUAGES Common (Trade), Elven, Sylvan

FAVORED ABILITIES Awe, Barkskin, Blink, Confidence, Empower, Greater Release, Shove, Song of Determination, Song of Freedom

FAVORED COMBAT GEAR Short Sword (Single Short or Florentine), Light Thrown

Before Engagement as a Bard: Lando uses a combination of Awe, Shove and Terror to control enemy Archers, Assassins, Scouts, Healers and Druids, switching to Song of Deflection or Song of Freedom to assist in his mobility.

While in Melee as a Bard: Supports allied Assassins, Barbarians, Monks, Scouts and Warriors in melee with Confidence and Empower, casting Greater Release on allies affected by unfavorable states such as Frozen or Stopped.

Class: Bard
Level 1

1x Confidence 2/Refresh Charge x5
3x Shove 6/Life
Level 2
1x Empower 4/Refresh
3x Greater Release 6/Refresh
Level 3
3x Awe 6/Life (+1x Awe from "Look the Part")
2x Extension 4/Life
1x Song of Freedom
Level 4
1x Song of Deflection
3x Terror 6/Refresh
1x Restoration(Exp) 2/Refresh Charge x10
Level 5
1x Song of Survival
3x Lost 6/Life
Level 6
1x Dervish
1x Legend
3x Stun 6/Refresh

Sylvan Tongue: Allows Lando to speak with and bypass Immunity to Command against Non-Legendary Fey (Creature Type). Considered to have an advantage while speaking with Fey.

Affinity for Nature: Allows Lando to speak with and bypass Immunity to Command against Non-Legendary Beasts (Creature Type). Is considered a friend to all beasts.

Beneficent: Lando is typically unable to initiate hostile actions toward a player unless that player attacks or begins casting a magic or ability at him or an objective he is defending first. Once lost, this vulnerability will no longer apply to a player for the rest of the game.

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