Roll Call: Hammerhead's Origin

Real Name: Hammel Kyllin
Public Identity: Hammerhead, Aquatic Champion (link to Statistic Block)
Occupation: Thrill-seeking Warrior
Base: Equatorial global coastlines, primarily in the central pacific (Hawaii)

Hammerhead was predominantly influenced by the creative, relaxed, romantic, and spiritual culture found in Hawaii. Despite this influence, Hammerhead holds the spirit and beauty of the ocean above all else. Having been a descendant of his species’ equivalent of a Warrior Caste, Hammerhead is predisposed to having a playfully contentious attitude. Using a combination of intimidation and his natural telepathy, Hammerhead will poke and prod at the sensibilities of those who he respects in the hopes of both learning more about them and enjoying the limits of their willpower.

In moments of dire conflict or when those he cares about are threatened, Hammerhead quickly switches from his playful disposition to a relentlessly  fearsome predator.

While in proximity of Earth’s Sun, Sol, Hammerhead’s alien physiology is dramatically amplified allowing him to use a potent form of Aquakinesis. A unique form of telekinesis, aquakinesis allows Hammerhead to manipulate a limited amount of water through sheer willpower and determination.

Additionally, Hammerhead’s home water-world had a significantly higher level of gravity. Thanks in part to Earth’s lower gravity, Hammerhead is able to wield otherworldly super-strength while being reinforced by a more dense and impervious cellular structure. With all these traits combined with a natural affinity for water-based environments, Hammerhead can use such environments to his advantage with the added benefit of living indefinitely submerged underwater.

Hammerhead holds the oceans, and more specifically a school of hammerhead sharks who he considers kin, above all else. Those who have come to protect and respect the ocean have come to find Hammerhead an invaluable ally against pirates, polluters, and those who would threaten the balance of his home.

Originally sent to Earth as a watchful guardian, Hammerhead’s amnesia has left little knowledge of the civil war that arouse in the wake of Hammerhead’s arrival on Earth. His home water-world now cut off from the Alien Paragon, a number of rivals and enemies now actively seek out his whereabouts hoping to catch him unaware. These unknown forces threaten to bear their destructive power against Hammerhead, either to recruit him to their dark cause or simply to wipe out what opposition remains against them.

Otherwise Hammerhead’s patriotism for the ocean has put him at ends with a number of overzealous fishermen, polluting corporations, and destructive military forces.

Hammel was once a promising warrior on his home water-world of Kyllini, praised for his achievements within the caste of Guardians as an honorable guardian and benevolent force of justice. As part of their planet’s advancement in using technology to push the limits of their telepathic domain, Hammel and a handful of other Kylinni Champions were tasked with being among the first agents of their kind to travel across the universe in the name of their benevolent people.

As each of the ships left orbit and began to their journey across the universe, Hammel came to the horrifying truth that his ship and those of his comrade’s had been tampered with. New destinations had been forced into each vessel, piloting each one into the sun with all manual access cut off from each of the pilots. Hammel frantically probed the edges of his mind for an answer, watching in horror as his ship began it’s turn back towards Kylinni’s star. Mustering all the willpower he had, he used his aquakinetic power to forcefully sabotage the engines of his pod.

Exhausted from his mental exertion, his ship’s stasis field prematurely activated putting Hammel to sleep. Having disabled his ship’s engines Hammerhead’s trajectory slingshotted him past his star and out of the solar system. An unknown amount of time passed before Hammel crash-landed in the Central Pacific Ocean. The combination of the crash landing and over-extended stasis having taken its toll, Hammel awoke confused and with his memory having been all but wiped out.

It didn’t take much time before Hammel began to rediscover his powers of aquakinetics and mild telepathy, the proximity to a golden sun having amplified them to a tremendous level. His first encounter with humans was with that of a fisherman family, who came to call him “Hammerhead” and saw him as an omen of good luck. Hammerhead learned as much as he could of these people and quickly became absorbed into the complexity of their culture.

Otherwise unaware of most of the rest of the rest of the world, it was the day of Pearl Harbor when the family he had come to love were bombed by Japanese pilots during the second world war. Traumatized and angered, Hammerhead returned to the ocean where he had felt like he most belonged. Sadly the war followed him still, and it wasn’t much time before Hammerhead found himself facing off against depth charges and German U-Boats. Over the course of the war that followed, Hammerhead aligned himself secretly with the Allied Forces helping turn the tide of the war.

After the war’s end, Hammerhead returned to hiding. Few of a peaceful mind have been able to claim witness to his presence, though many who have acted against the best interests of his home know better. Despite his long age, Hammerhead has grown to love the hunt and the challenge that comes with being a champion and patriot of the majesty known only to those who live in the depths of Earth’s oceans.

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