Reflections: 3 Years a Father

Three years ago this day, I had found myself nervously driving through a snow storm attempting to get myself, my then wife, and my son to be safely to the Hospital. It was a day that I will remember forever.

It was a day filled with anxiety, fear, joy, pride, and above all else a drastic change from how I viewed the world. Nothing anyone had told me could have prepared me for the intense amount of emotion that I had felt that day. Mother Nature had made her presence known, a blizzard was on its way and the roads were slick

It was a night not without its trials. Dieghan had found himself in a dire situation where he was slowly losing amniotic fluid with a risk of infection for him and his mother. There were a number of times where the doctor insisted on doing a C-Section though thanks to our amazing Nurse she was able to work with us to work on a vaginal birth.

After a mix of frustration with our doctor and amazing support from our Nurse, like clockwork just shy of 6:00pm our son Dieghan Kristofer was born. He was such a small bundle of joy, though we had little time to relish in that initial moment. Dieghan had inhaled too much of the amniotic fluid and had to be rushed off for special care. After making sure mom was in a place of rest, I followed the nurses over to our son where I got to look down upon him for the first time, letting his delicate fingers holding onto me as he struggled to breath.

So small and so frail, I saw the beginnings of a child I knew I would come to be very proud of. I couldn't even put into words the wide spectrum of emotions that flood over me recalling this precious moment, and yet how I wouldn't replace or trade any of it for anything.

Over the last three years that have come to pass, our son has exceeded all our expectations to have grown to be a courteous, polite, loving, and compassionate young man. He amazes me with his developing intellect and independent personality with each new day and I fear that even now he is growing up all too fast.

With all that life has had to offer, I knew then more than ever that I had to do the best to live up to the father you duly deserve Dieghan. I will strive to continue to be the best father I can be for you and will do my best to teach you to love yourself, to respect yourself, and even more importantly the lesson of self forgiveness so that you can come to face your trials humbly and wisely.

Happy 3 Year Birthday my son. Even though your parents have drifted apart and started life anew, your presence in our lives have been nothing but a blessing. I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always do my best to be here for you. And in times when I can't, I can assure you that I will always be there with you in mind and and in spirit.
Your sweet smile, infectious laugh, sincere hugs and amazing creativity has truly been a blessing in all our lives. I want nothing more than to help you become the amazing man I see you to be, and share in the celebration of your individuality.

With love and admiration, Happy Birthday my son!
Sincerely, your Father

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