Roll Call: Lando's Origin

Real Name: Regent Lando of Satyrs Crossing, Kingdom of the Rising Winds, Grand Keeper of Kin Errant, Esquire
Public IdentityLando the Lost Satyr (link to Statistic Block)
Occupation: Entertainer, Sylvan Diplomat, Kin Errant Keeper
Base: Fauna's Grove, located between the bounds of the Elven Ithilwood and Satyr's Crossing
Lando, brewing up a good time at Sun Moon Passe

Clownish and jovial, Lando is one who enjoys the thrills and company that the chaotic lands of Satyr's Crossing amply provide. Often times the one found at the center of bad luck, Lando takes it all well in stride. In any bad situation, Lando will without fail refer to a far-fetched (yet often true) situation where things were much, much worse. That isn't to say that the Satyr isn't without his stories of good times, frequently recalling tales of glorious victories and doing his best to tie any grand accomplishment to the efforts of those of his peers.

Despite his soft exterior, Lando's harsh beginnings have given him a level of wisdom that is all too easily overlooked by his comical reputation. Those who he considers kin, the closest thing he has found to be family, will find him to be a steadfast and loyal ally.

A child born out of wedlock from a wealthy and reputable smith family and that of a manipulative void-touched satyr, Lando is able to impose his will upon the void to alter the minds or harm the fortitude of his foes. Combined with the already charming aura inherent with satyrs and his natural affinity for artifice Lando utilizes his talents to aid his allies or infiltrate enemy engagements to sow the seeds of chaos upon those foolish enough to engage him and his kin.

Over Lando's many travels, he has found allies of all walks of life across the very lands and planes accessible by roads between the Kingdoms of the Iron Mountains and Rising Winds. Many of those closest to Lando, many of which who have shared a similar past as his own, are known as the Kin of Kin Errant. As one of the founders and the acting Grand Keeper, Lando acts best as he can as both brother, father, and wiseman to those within his family of misfit underdogs.

Though not limited to just his fellow Kin, Lando has earned the respect and praise from those who he has had the pleasure of entertaining. Not limited to just the common man, Lando has found himself in the praise of champions and warlords, kings and queens, primal spirits, and even powerful beings worthy of godhood. If there is conflict about, Lando isn't far behind to aid in the efforts... even when he isn't always conscious of it.

When fortune itself isn't putting Lando in harms way, his involvement both at Satyr's Crossing and on the roads across the Kingdom of the Rising Winds has garnered a wide variety of rivals and enemies alike. As one of the few remaining descendants of a Void-touched Champion of the immortal Dark Lord of the Void, Lando all too often finds himself as the target of forces who wish to awaken the power within him as consequently the return of the Dark Lord of the Void back to that of the physical world.

Furthermore, Lando's royal blood has put him and those he is closest to at the end of many assassination attempts. Lando's first-born family actively seeks to disrupt the Satyr's efforts and has even gone so far as to try to wipe him out in the hopes of cleansing the stain upon their royal line. Despite multiple efforts, Lando's elusiveness combined with his diligent efforts to help other's who suffer the same blight fend for and make a name for themselves has proven to be a force that can not be ignored.

Lando was born into a rather unforgiving world to which his mother made multiple efforts to shield him from. Haven forsaken her claim to royal blood upon discovering her pregnancy, Lando and his mother spent much of his youth traveling from tavern to tavern enjoying the life of a mesmeric virtuoso while running from her family's disappointment and Lando's void-touched father.

The day Lando turned of age, he found his own wanderlust awaken within him. An awakening that his father eagerly had been awaiting for. When Lando's father came to claim his son, Lando's mother stood to end his efforts once and for all. Making sure the Satyr remembered all that she had taught him, above all else the love and admiration she had for him and his future, she confronted his father that ended with battle that shattered the both of them from the face of Amtgard forever. Having lost both of his parents to the war of light and shadow, Lando the Lost started began his journey.

Naive and emotionally confused, a manipulative and powerful Lich took Lando under his influence and taught him the art of the Assassin. Framing it in such a way as to continue his mother's teachings, Lando had become a tool for the Lich's dark plans. It wasn't until it was too late when Lando discovered the error in his ways as an army of Elves and potent combat casters besieged the Lich's castle. Overwhelmed and quickly subdued, Lando was captured and charged to face trial before the King and Queen of the Iron Mountain's.

Luckily for Lando, the leadership took pity on his naivety though their punishment was both poetic and harsh. Lando was sent the Bardic College where the most powerful among them joined in a ritual that sent Lando into the Aether, where he would be forced to relive the last living moments of all those who he had harmed or killed while in service of the Lich. The ritual complete, Lando found himself Lost once again, though as misfortune would have it the spell lasted longer than intended. Months turned to years, years into decades before Lando would find his way back to the physical world.

An Elf by the name of Brother Barnabas who had returned to his monastery only to return to a ruin, found Lando the Lost's soul roaming within the aethereal shadows of what was once his home. Angered, confused, and wanting answers, the Elf had used his extraordinary ability to track people from an insubstantial state to force Lando back to the physical realm. Ecstatic, relieved, and overwhelmingly grateful Lando pounced the confused Elf before excitedly and very quick order telling him about the journey of penance that had finally come to an end.

Indifferent and still somewhat un-trusting, Brother Barnabas grilled the Satyr on what had transpired at the Monastery. Having witnessed the entire thing from behind the veil of the Aether, Lando offered what information he could to the Elf. Seeing that the man was still unsure of what to think of Lando, the satyr swore to him his friendship and to be his steadfast companion. An outsider to his own monastery, Brother Barnabas reluctantly welcomed Lando's companionship and from that day on the two had become inseparable.

The two joined forces and walked the roads of the Rising Winds, performing selfless acts of kindness and helping the homeless wherever they roamed. It wasn't until they both arrived at Satyr's Crossing when they were confronted by Sheriff Atlas Everdeen. At first what seemed to be a hostile encounter, Lando and Atlas quickly warmed up together and in the passing days the two of them along with Brother Barnabas became very close friends. Their companionship and devotion to Satyr's Crossing started was soon to be called the First Circle of the Househould of Kin Errant.

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