Spotlight: Kin Errant Household

Household of forsaken Adventurers & Artisans

Founding Members: Lando the Lost Satyr, Brother Barnabas, Atlas Everdeen
Founded: July 8th, 2017
Type: Amtgard Household

Roll Call: Lando's Origin

Real Name: Regent Lando of Satyrs Crossing, Kingdom of the Rising Winds, Grand Keeper of Kin Errant, Esquire
Public IdentityLando the Lost Satyr (link to Statistic Block)
Occupation: Entertainer, Sylvan Diplomat, Kin Errant Keeper
Base: Fauna's Grove, located between the bounds of the Elven Ithilwood and Satyr's Crossing

Roll Call: Lando the Lost Satyr

Regent of Satyrs Crossing, Esquire
Amtgard Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Character using the Amtgard 8th Edition rules.

Lando the Lost, Corrupted by the power of the Void!

Classes of Record: Bard (Default), Assassin, Monster (Satyr)
Inspiration: Star Trek's Pavel Chekov, Marvel Comic's Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Guild Wars Mesmer

Reflections: 3 Years a Father

Three years ago this day, I had found myself nervously driving through a snow storm attempting to get myself, my then wife, and my son to be safely to the Hospital. It was a day that I will remember forever.

Roll Call: Hammerhead's Origin

Real Name: Hammel Kyllin
Public Identity: Hammerhead, Aquatic Champion (link to Statistic Block)
Occupation: Thrill-seeking Warrior
Base: Equatorial global coastlines, primarily in the central pacific (Hawaii)