Roll Call: Siegward's Origin

Real Name: Siegward von Gunzburg
Public Identity: Siegward, Fate's Apprentice (link to Statistic Block)
Occupation: Mystical Doctor and Investigator
Base: Impoverished districts of a Metropolis

Siegward is a soft spoken sympathetic and curious soul who exhibits a level of patience and wisdom far beyond his years. Despite being soft spoken, Siegward lives by his father's maxim "Act with wisdom, but act." Having awoken during the invasion of Poland at the beginning of World War II, Siegward has learned to not let his gentle nature get in the way of nurturing and defending the principals of harmony among his peers.

Regardless of how people view his youthful appearance and gentle nature, Siegward will not let anything get in the way of letting the voice of the suppressed and impoverished be heard.

Unlike most mutants with super powers, it was Siegward's soul that had awoken in the face of great conflict to a potent heritage. Through the awakening, Siegward found that he could see with the eyes of the Norn, allowing him to see the very fabric of fate of those he came in contact with.

As long as Siegward has the ability to use his visual senses, he is able to impose his will to shape limits of reality to stop time, nullifying magical influence, imposing empathic links between two opposed forces, summoning golden "fate" constructs, and allowing him to hurl chromatic spheres of mystical energy.

Naturally welcoming to even the most unorthodox of faiths, Siegward has become a friend and ally to the members of the homeless and abandoned. Having grown up in a Jewish home in his youth during the 1940's, Siegward has made it a point to continue a strong involvement with the faith.

Having learned pragmatic medical skills during World War II, Siegward has also gained a level of respect in the Medical Community, his unique talents allowing him to understand human medical science on a mystical level acting as a secret consultant for odd cases where science alone won't help a patient.

Despite the Nazi fall during World War II, various secret organizations have carried a grudge over the generations who in present day now carry a new name and a new purpose. Various extremist organizations that seek to divide and conquer have come to view Siegward as a threat or abomination that needs to be eliminated.

If this was not bad enough, having had his soul awoken to his Norn heritage, Siegward has found that he has acquired the attention of a wide range of powerful mystical forces bent on recruiting or controlling Siegward to aid in their personal gains.

Leading up to the month of September 1939, Siegward had known a fairly simple life as a young teenager. His parents had moved from Germany to Poland in the hopes of starting a new life and a new career. His mother a nurse and his father a carpenter, he found himself to be the youngest of two sisters and a brother who had insisted on staying behind in Germany. Thirteen years of age, Siegward was to be taught his family's trade. To his father's dismay he had taken after his mother more than his father and seemed to have a unique aptitude for medical sciences.

The last day of Siegward's mundane life had been like any other day when Poland was invaded. As if coming in from all directions the forces of Germany and Russia converged on Siegward's home and the small city to which it resided. The attack was swift and unforgiving, and in very short order Siegward had to watch in horror as artillery shells, bullets, and explosions took the lives of his family. In a desperate plea for help, Siegward fell to his knees, arms wrapped tightly around his sister and demanded to hold onto one last moment with his sister who had shielded the youth from falling debris. It was at that moment that he discovered his ability to temporarily stop time, granting his wish albeit only long enough to express his love and express his promise to do his sister proud.

As the moment faded, Siegward found he could then see the very fabric of fate unraveling before him and how the war had so morbidly desecrated an otherwise beautiful display of harmony.  Siegward swore to himself he would do what he could to mend what had been destroyed.

It was at that moment of realization that the three Norns of Yggdrasil, disguised as gypsies, revealed themselves to him. They each took turns explaining what had happened to awaken Siegward's soul and what it meant to be a Norn as the war unfolded all around him, their presence disguised amid the chaos. With the awakening of his soul came immense power, and explained how he was the first in forgotten breath of time to have soul of a Norn. With an outreached hand, each of the three Norn walked through the Past, Present, and Future with Siegward and after the path presented Siegward with a choice:

With his newly awoken abilities and knowledge, would he seek the path of awareness or ignorance.

Reflecting on the life he had before, the words of wisdom that his mother and father had bestowed upon him before their deaths, Siegward knew he would need to learn as much as he could to help defend the principals of harmony and fight the forces of discord. To always make sure that harmony had a chance against the destructive hatred unfolding all around them.

The three Norns taking his choice to heart, took Siegward to the Tree of Yggdrasil and began his apprenticeship as a Norn Fateweaver. Once he had learned all that he could, the Norns returned Siegward back to the physical realm where he was to test what he had learned, only being allowed back in Yggdrasil after mastering his gifts.

As history unfolded, Siegward grew to learn and respect the the balance that came with influencing the fate of those across the world. Now in Modern Day, Siegward has been held as a secretive and silent champion that many communities have come to protect, using his influence to help discourage the cryptic influence of hatred and discord across the world.

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