What is MusesDice?

So what is MusesDice.com?

MusesDice.com is a place for my creative pursuits in relation to Comic Supers, Manga and Anime Legends, and most prominently about the Valanas world setting to which I am the founder and author to. It came about as a byproduct of my dream of becoming a published (self or otherwise) author to either a series of fictional books or even a world book used for people to make up there own collaborative stories.

Now, as I have become more accustomed to my own creative writing, the goal for MusesDice is to provide a creative outlet for my own personal adventures into Anime, Comic book, and Manga creative writing and the attempts at creating a truly unique, enjoyable, and inviting gaming world that reflects some of my favorite elements found in these very books.

What you will find here

Many will find the following topics on this blog, though this is by no means an exhuastive list!

  • Valanas - Short Stories, Character Profiles, and any number of fun bits relating to the Valanas: World of Valor setting.
  • TechTuesdays -Technical posts as they relate to virtual tabletops as well as topics on Linux video or virtual gaming.
  • FunFridays! - A weekly post on something that I have recently found to be enjoyable, fun, or otherwise entertaining.
  • SuperSundays! - On these days I will typically outline a character concept for Valanas, provide detail about a Heroic (or even Evil) character idea, or otherwise explain some equally awesome concept that acts as inspiration to get the creative brain juices flowing!
In the near future I hope to provide some insight on my efforts to provide a community friendly dice-less role playing system that will be used to help people become easily accustomed to the world of Valanas and the legends that can ultimately be narrated there.

Finally, throughout this blog readers will find links to useful resources for various gaming systems, creative writing, open source technology, as well as people of interest in the gaming/authoring world.

I hope those have found my corner of the internet are enjoying what they see. Regardless, I always welcome any input that my readers have to share. In the end it will be those very readers to which I hope to share my stories with and help to collaborate with in future narratives.

Thanks for the read and I look forward to reading and responding to your input!

- Christopher, Author of MusesDice