Monday, January 05, 2015

On Harmony and Sin

This week I wish to share with those willing to read along and provide constructive feedback a very sensitive topic that I often find myself explaining in both a public and in political discussions. The topic itself relates to homosexuality and my personal acceptance of it and a piece as to why I do. If such a topic does not interest you, please feel free to ignore, or follow along if only to satiate your personal curiosity on my personal views on the topic.

"Harmony makes small things grow...
...lack of it makes great things decay."

In the creative writing industry, gaming industry, and pretty much any industry that involves dealing with sentient carbon-based lifeforms it can be often times difficult not to step back from a political argument that can influence and often times discredit one's target audience. The recent conclusion of the Avatar Legend of Korra brought with it a mix of hostility as it ended the chapter with what can be seen as a homosexual promotion broadcast across Nickelodeon TV.

As a personal fan of the series and a person who often finds himself in the middle of confusingly tense yet calm discussions about faith, politics, and religion I find it very difficult to stay quiet or removed from the discussion. In my life, I have had friends from around the world, from every nation, every mix of gender, sexual preference, and mental “influence” (and by this I mean those often struggling with mental illness). The idea of Culture Shock was a regular occurring thing in my life, and it took everything I had to try to make sense of differences and how to fit in with an ever changing world. Yet I found that every living sentient individual is the same, they just have different contexts to which they frame the world around them drastically altering how they communicate with those around them.

The topic of Homosexuality on the other hand is something seemed to be pretty polarized no matter where I went for reasons that were often confusing if not completely extreme. The very mention of Homosexuality comes with it's own level of hostility and passionate refusal to accept as many cite some excerpt of a holy text, gospel, or even as extreme as national law in order to justify their view. The nice thing about living in the United States though is that we have the convenient (and sometimes inconvenient) right to express ourselves in a way that many other countries would not allow, and do so without the worry of Faith interfering as long as the Nation as a whole is not harmed by it. Though that being said the consequences of this are often ignored, it is still something I truly appreciate about our great nation. One of the many wishes the founders of the Constitution and that of America was to be able to live their lives without having to worry about faith or hostile occupation of our government in our personal lives and to allow the every day man to take part in their political and government process. Though, with homosexuality posing such a polarized view one can only imagine how it can complicate things.

So I often ask myself and those who challenge my views time and time again what is it truly that many do not like about the topic? What about it prompts such extreme hostility for their fellow living carbon-based humanoids (as man/woman isn't always politically or scientifically correct)? It often boils down to the fact that it is considered Sinful, distasteful, uncomfortable, wrong, inhuman, or any number of adjectives that express alienation of a cultural taboo.

I then ask what is sin and how does homosexuality relate to it? The answers tend to differ from each culture, faith, individual though have a common theme. Some people reference bad experiences with said sexuality, while others say it is uncomfortable, it doesn't allow for reproduction, isn't natural, and any number of other things that often times are culturally reinforced. I've even seen some people explain that they were Atheistic and converted to a faith because they were able to recognize that their aversion to faith was their hostility towards said faith and then proceed to explain how they changed their hostility to stereotypes taboo to their faith instead.

In essence people express sin as something that disrupts harmony in the way they operate their lives. Harmony and Sin are true opposites of each other and with homosexuality it is so much a taboo that in any faith or culture such a thought forces many to think outside the proverbial cultural box and tread into the unknown. It promotes change, and change is often viewed as a very bad thing. And in many ways, a culture that is built to allow people to feel safe and comfortable by believing in a set of rules to keep them mentally, physically, and spiritually safe can be and often is a very good thing for the larger populous. Though, if we really want to move past our differences we need to challenge conventions and find ways of learning from our different views. Change is always scary, but even unwanted change is always good change.

Which brings us back to the topic of sin with Homosexuality: people view homosexuality negatively often times because they of the frustration of having to view the world so drastically that they have to question their emotions, physical reactions, and spirituality. A triad of cultural foundations that have taken generations in order to fortify and perfect... even if somewhat antiquated and black and white.

And yet my life of change has allowed me to the change of perspective to be a good thing. I challenge each new change in my life and attempt to find ways of viewing the world in someone else's eyes. Doing so I am able to see the strength of someone who I would normally not even remotely be interested in take the time and courage to face whatever cultural backlash they may have in order to tell me they find me attractive or simply am fun to be around and see the surprise on their face when I tell them I appreciate the compliment. Many of these people have suffered their entire lives trying to make peace with who they are and instead of viewing it in a negative light, I see it as a true honor and pleasurable experience that often times comes with memorable experiences that can involve everything that a normal friendship or acquaintance can provide.

Our efforts to find freedom have allowed us to open our minds in ways we never have thought before, and while I do enjoy the comforts of a simple life, I find viewing the perspectives and enjoying in our diversity is one of the greatest joys in life. And although I may not enjoy the opposite sex, I can still appreciate compliments and smiling when viewing public affection from such couples as it can only help me reflect on my own relationship with my loving wife.

In the end, I only wish to view the world on equal terms, not by forcing a specific view on how everyone should be instead by equal appreciation for how each individual can influence the way we view our world. We are a nation and world of diverse cultures and beliefs, and I have yet to see how that diversity has ever harmed me in any way when everyone tried to harmonize with each other. Embracing our differences has only allowed me to enrich my life in ways that many others admire and appreciate learning about.

I hope these words inspire a more harmonious view of the world to those who have made it this far. And with it, a chance to reflect. If so interested, leave a comment on something you may have done to help harmonize the world around you and appreciate the diversity of your fellow sentient carbon-based lifeforms or simply provide your own view as to why you think embracing diversity can improve your life!