Sunday, July 06, 2014

[Creative Outburst] Character Profile: Loboshigaru Minoru

This past week I have been itching to do some role play of my own. With life getting even more hectic, it was hard to find people on my time, and my computer too slow to really handle higher end multiplayer games that were more or less about Hack-and-Slash fun. And then as I sifted through old emails for inspiration, I had almost forgotten my years as a Online Multi-User Dungeon gamer, or more popularly known as an online MUD. Normally a very text-driven rather than a graphic driven style game, it has always provided some of my favorite in-character gameplay I have ever had in a digital world.

Tonight I'd like to share with you my most recent addition to my MUD legacy, a character from one of Iron Realms Entertainment's gaming line: Lusternia. The character has been a bit of a rusty start, but thankfully the game provides a means of allowing that to fit into one's role play with the world. Everything is done in-character, and if not one is considered "insane" and if done in excess can lead to administrative penalties. Really makes for some enjoyable game play moments, that don't always revolve around smashing monsters repeatedly.

His name is Minoru, and he is a Loboshigaru. Below is a piece of background detail that I had to put together for "Leveling" though my guild. Yes... there is more than just experience points, and what I share with you is rather excessive of what they may have been asking for, but I enjoyed every word.

"Stepping outside the Portal of Fate, I found myself lost and completely unaware of who I was or where I was from. Echos of emotions and haunting whispers of lost memories are all that remained of my past life. Both desperate and curious I asked myself what I was, and the word "Loboshigaru" fell into the still water-scape of my mind. The droplet of knowledge sent ripples of grief, loss, and anger across the expanses of my mind. The emotions were felt through my entire body, and for the first time in recollection I could feel the sensation of emotion across my face. 
Looking over myself, I took note of my Loboshigaru features and let the awareness wash over me. I asked myself who I was, or where I was from, with little more than the calming of the waters. Something had happened before the Portal of Fate, and for whatever reason I know only of the sadness it brings. The only reminder of what was remained as three scars across my left eye and some slight cloudy discoloration. 
I breathed in the freshness of the cool air in the hopes of calming myself and focused instead on the path before me. As my eyes looked upon the path, I could see the great basin before me. A wall of mountains surrounded a large body of water, with a vibrant forest directly north of it and misty darkness to it's south. The sight of the darkness only tested my nerves, the sensation of anger and grief slowly building the more I focused on it.
Doing what I could to remain focused, I turned my attention to the cities to the North. And yet, as my eyes attempted to seek refuge in the city itself my heart called for the green lush forests. Giving into my heart, I took my first few steps into this strange world and made my way towards what I would soon learn to be the Serenwildes.
I still do not know of what happened before the Portal, but what I do know is the Serenwilde is now my home. And within the limits of the Serenwilde, I have found the Shofangi and the Kui to which I now belong. Through them, I have found balance, focus, discipline, and the motivation to seek out the lost knowledge of this world and the wisdom to wield it. 
Through them, I have found a purpose to which to call my own."