Monday, May 19, 2014

[Valanas] ValanasWiki Update!

Over the course of this past weekend I have been hard at work on making the first gaming session for my local gaming crew an easy transition into some fun memories. In order to help facilitate this, I have gone through and started working on updating the ValanasWiki to reflect these enhancements and details. Some highlights of the most prominate changes are listed below.

The world of Action, Drama, and Mystery continues it's journey!

Game Generation

For those interested in making Characters in the world of Valanas will now find a revamped game and character creation guideline worksheet. The system now has adapted fully to the use of the FATE Accelerated gaming system. Listed under the Game Generation page, players will now find all the resources they need to focus on their character linked within each step of the process. It is my hope that this will help facilitate both new players and new GM's alike in the starting process.

Keep in mind that is Identical to the basic FATE Acceleration creation process, with direct links to the more flavorful bits of the world linked into it. Players already comfortable with the game system may find all the Fictional Elements to wrap their creative minds around through the page. In the coming weeks I have plans to also enhance the Archetypes typical in the world, and how each one impacts Valanas as a whole.


Players will now also find a fully updated page on Extras for each of the three Aetherial manipulation talents found within Valanas: Alchemy, Gateways, and Kisetsu. Details on the permissions, costs, and facts on each ability are reflected in each of the descriptions. As the game continues development, I will be providing a list of stunts that are typical for each of the different themes for players to pick and chose from. Additional stunts provided by the community will of course be given credit where it is due!

Worldly Conflicts

With the current focus on the Awakened Youth Academy, readers and players alike will start to see additional details to be included in the Worldly Conflict page, with links to working documents. As the Documetns are finalized, I'll be moving them over to the Geography page to help players and GM's alike get a better idea of what the layout of Valanas will look and feel like. As with any dramatic setting, a focus on geopolitical, economical, and spiritual conflicts will be found woven into every piece of the world.

Players in the current game will find references to Japanese Buddhist temples, and the city to which it watches over being influenced by historical Silk Farm villages with it's own "Green Urbanology" thanks to the expertise of it's Nezuto Druid Headmistress. Before the end of the week, I'll finalize the Village itself and the Temple and post it up for quick and easy reference.

Final Thoughts

As always, this is all established on the World Wide Web for everyone to take full advantage of and is part of a Creative Commons. Any thoughts on the website can be re-directed to this page so I can reply to it accordingly. Those who wish to contribute or provide input more directly to the project need only leave a comment below or by sending me a direct message on my Google+ Profile on how I may contact you and I'll add you to the list!

Thanks to everyone who are continually reading along, in the event you have found use of this setting please let me know and things that you may be using or changing for your own homebrew adventures!