Thursday, May 01, 2014

Mother Earths friendly reminder.

This last Earth Day I celebrated while I was at work and while I was there Mother Earth decided to give me a gift of her own: a small nibble from a friendly arachnid.

This nibble came with many other small passengers and resulted in probably one of the worst infections I've ever experienced in my life.  I share this post with you today thanks to the wonderful technology that is voice recognition.

What started as a small spider bite has now turned into a large infection that will likely keep me out from doing my normal job at work for at least 2 weeks. And that time I am on restrictive activities and my entire left wrist will be bandaged until I can get it fully recovered.

Please bear with me in the coming weeks as I try to recover while still maintaining some level of post regularity. I'm just so happy that Mother Earth was kind enough to me to keep my hand after this.