Saturday, April 19, 2014

[Valanas] A gift of renewal

Despite having put my Valanas fictional writing on the backburner, I still maintain an active following with the FATE and FAE system community. Having been a system that I have grown increasingly fond of due to it's fun ability to keep things simple while maintaining a story focused approach to tabletop role play.

Over the course of the most recent Tabletop adventure, my wife and I met with some amazing new faces and forged what I hope to be active if not regular gaming partners. My wife, being the wonderful women she is, has suggested and convinced many of these new people to act as players in my home-brew world. What I will share with you now summarizes how I hope the adventure will run.

Taking one of my original settings as set up by an older post I have reworked it to fit a beginner friendly setting as detailed below:

Rescued youths are whisked away to a hidden village where they are to master their gifts
and prepare for the coming darkness!

Theme: "Extranormal Institute", "Silence Before the Storm"
Inspiration: Naruto (School years), Harry Potter, Teen Titans, etc.

Immediate Conflict: "Why am I here if I didn't belong at home?"; "Skyde and his posse are up to no good..."

Pending Conflict: "Agents of Destruction want us gone, but we did nothing wrong!"; "What is Cain really up to?"


In the ongoing conflict between the Titan Fragments and the Lunakai, the potential for the coming of nightfall is becoming more of a reality. The secret organization of the Kukouri have become so desperate that they have established a hidden village completely dedicated to finding and training the next Lightbringer Prodigy.

A small group of masterful tutors are summoned to the hidden village, to which they are tasked with providing refuge and training to a small group of rescued youths with amazing talents. With the Lunakai threat looming on the horizon, the Kukouri can only hope that the students can prepare themselves before the Lords of Dust make their next move.

These youths will likely face regular attacks by rogue assassins, unexplained supernatural conflicts, and political drama between their Sensei while in the friendly confines of a remote school environment. And, if the youths are lucky, they may be able to save the world before their next endurance training session!

Bad guy with a goal:

The youths must face up against Skyde and his two minions as he attempts to use drastic measures to declare himself the next Lightbringer Prodigy.

Something the PCs can’t ignore:

Skyde and his minions are constantly making efforts to undermine the rest of the students as they work on each of their tutor's rough assignments.

Player Characters

Players will likely be able to build any type of character as long as they have a decent concept. Thanks to the FATE Accelerated rules that I have been putting together, both experienced and new players to the Setting will have a fairly easy to building fulfilling and rewarding character concepts with plenty of room to advance. Skyde for example will provide plenty of trouble for players to overcome, though not before each player starts to get an idea of what really is going on.

It is my hope with all the fun bits involved above that I'll be able to have plenty of ammunition to get a small Scenario or two, with plenty of advancement opportunity as each player focuses in on one of Alchemy, Kisetsu, or mastering their Awakened potential.

In the coming weeks as we ramp up for the first session, I will be providing character creation examples, how I plan to be handling unique powers like summons, allies, and spell-like afflictions, and anything else my new players may have trouble with.