Saturday, March 01, 2014

[Valanas] To fall, and yet walk again.

After having put together a long campaign to try things out with the community, I was prepared for a fun get together with active participants of the community. With high hopes of how awesome I was thinking my work was, I was ready for a large gathering to answer questions. Sadly, this was not the case...

All who came where my wife, my brother, a friend of my brothers, and a troll. Out of the three in attendance, only one had really been eager for the setting, and the others were completely unrelated to the invitation. Heartbroken, we were able to get some fun action into the mix in the 2 hour session. Luckily the pre-generated characters had enough personality that all who played did so with great success.

What lessons did I learn out of it? Well primarily being my first attempt at trying to use FATE Accelerated as a system, it worked splendidly. In the session the players worked together taking full advantage of coordinated boosts and aspect stacking that my wife pulled off a signature move attack, at least two aspects, and my brother and his friend using a combination of summons and alchemic alterations to create what was one of the most epic "You killed my father, prepare to die" moments I have had in a game in years.

"My name is Saphadora Alexia.
You shared responsibility in the framing and death my father...
Prepare to die!"

What it bowls down to though was this: I need to write my book. There is a vast world out there of people interested in fantasy fiction, and many of them simply want to enjoy the book. I have always related story telling to RPG's because most of my friends were very story driven. As I have grown older, I have found more and more that people aren't always that way and instead want action and a chance to roll dice and some good laughs in between.

Is that what I want for Valanas? Yes and no, in that Yes I want people to enjoy the conflicts and drama of the world. No in the fact that I want to tell a story, preferably a collaborative one. But before I can do that, I need to build context.

Speaking with my friend +Brent McCray we came to the conclusion that we simply just need to get our fictional worlds out in print, or at the very least, into a digital publication for those to enjoy. One that provides just the right amount of immersion into our respective worlds while still telling a very enjoyable story of characters we love.

I still plan to run a game or two here and there, and the Valanas Wiki will still be up and running without question. After all, one of the best things a writer can do is continue writing as much as he can, and also read in something not necessarily related to the topic in question. My passion has always been telling stories, but I also enjoy world building and building characters (player or non-player) in RPGs. I like to BUILD things, and building a worth while wiki should be no different.

For those of you still following along, I still encourage you all to follow along and use the wiki in your own ways. Though my topics may diverge a tad from Valanas as I hone in on what it is I want to do to scratch the "itch" that I crave from role playing. And since my friend and I have challenged each other to a race to see who can get their fictional document into a transcript before the other, I hope to have something of a good read for you all.

In the meantime, I'll likely be putting up various tutorials on different topics related to running and playing in an RPG for beginners. Till then, for those still following on, thank you all for your support and continued reading. Here is looking forward to yet another step in my long journey of self-publication!