Friday, March 21, 2014

[Eberron] Year of Creative Renewal

2014: Year of Creative Renewal

The Resolution

When it came time to come up with my new years resolutions, I was in the midst of getting my Valanas fictional world established. Knowing I'd have that done, I needed a resolution that would really put my mind into gear and have something to share. I needed to embrace my inner Linux guru and do something that makes use of all the resources I already have, and share it with you all as often and early as possible.

Sitting down, I came up with my resolution:

"To dust off my old books and build something enjoyable to share with
my local community while paying respects to fond memories of years past.

Explanation: I have a nearly complete collection of all supplemental content for the original Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e Eberron campaign setting as well as GURPS books revolving around the core system, Fantasy, Magic, Thaumatology, and Powers that have been collecting dust for the better part of the last 3 years. I occasionally delve into the books to rekindle old memories. This year though, I want to put them to good use!

The Plan

I will be taking what I have learned from my fellow bloggers to put together a fun game at my local brick-and-mortar shop revolving around a game idea I had a long time ago. I will be using the setting for Eberron and using GURPS as the system of choice. I'll use bits and pieces from the community and friends alike to hopefully get a good grasp of how I want to present the feel of those old memories at the game table using an otherwise atypical system for the setting.

Since this will be a learning experience for both myself and my players, I'll be focusing on learning as much of GURPS as I can and putting together pre-generated characters that resemble relatively low level Dungeons & Dragons characters. This may involve me purchasing GURPS Dungeon Fantasy over the course of this resolution, but for now I want to allow players to have enough bits from myself to strictly use the core GURPS: Characters book.

Oh Eberron, how I have missed you!

The Setting

Campaign Name: War of Artifice
Genre: (Eberron) Magical War Drama & Political Intrigue.
Scope: Ongoing Campaign (Sandbox with a Driving Conflict).
Tech Level: Eberron-style Sword and Sail with relative higher technology permitted through magic.
Theme and Tone: Duty to one's nation or house while fighting for a higher purpose, punctuated with mystery and betrayal. Tone reflects tension remaining after the Last War, with the potential of serious conflicts intertwined with lighthearted banter.
Story Elements: Aundair (Fairhaven), Dragonmarked Houses (Focus on conflicts within House Cannith), Karrnath, Living Constructs, Lords of Dust (deception/corruption from within), Mysteries of the Draconic Prophecy, Royal Family (Queen Aurala), Secret Organizations, Undead.
Synopsis: The destruction of Cyre and the end of the Last War has left House Cannith fractured and without a single leader. With the three leaders within the house struggling for power, an extreme course of action forces a mysterious individual to defect from their home in Karrnath. The defection has ignited hostility between the fractured house, leaving the young woman exiled within the walls of Fairhaven. It is now up to a small group of talented individuals to protect the political exile and find resolution for the conflict that will soon follow.

Very technical system, but it doesn't have to be...

The Work to Follow

With setting in hand and a direction to follow, I have been hard at work to get things moving. I have been going crazy opening my books, following blogs, joining communities, and learning as much about the system that I never really took the time to enjoy. Already three months into the year and I can say I have a renewed enjoyment of GURPS, as well as the fictional detail put into the Setting Books for Eberron that I have mostly had as coffee table conversation starters.

Given my increasingly broad knowledge of other RPG gaming systems, I feel I am also making some good progress on coming up with my own unique take on Heroic Fantasy, which I will detail over the course of the rest of the year.

Add in the fact that part of my plan is to make this trip as straightforward and simple as I can, I'll be pulling resources for GURPS Lite as well finding every trick in the book to help introduce players, both old and new, to this particular setting and adventure.

I hope in the coming weeks everyone will enjoy what I have to share, as I'll be detailing the various discoveries I have found and how it will incorporate into character creation and adventuring. If anyone who reads this has any particular questions or comments on your own experiences, please feel free to share!