Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Valanas] FAE Hack Theorycrafting!

Inspired by the many posts that +Mike Lindsey has so generously been putting together for their own heroic crew and the community at large, I have been taking a hard look at putting together a hack of my own for Valanas.

Over the course of the past few months, I have really began to hone in on exactly what I want Valanas to entail, and what points really define the setting. What I will share with you today is an example of a possible character in the setting and how I hope to present the world to players who wish to immerse themselves into this world of action, drama, and mystery. And thanks to Mike's contribution, I feel that I can easily present this world using a modified version of the increasingly popular FATE Accelerated system.


Tengu by KitsuneBara
An inspirational Tengu!


Archetype: Tentaki Exorsist of Kamun
Origin: "I found myself beyond the looking glass..."
Motivation: The Lunakai bring Nightfall, and I am the dawn!
Lore: "Kamun provides."; "Fear is nothing in the light of Kamun's Gaze!"


+4: Resolve; +3: Drive, Lineage; +2: Awareness, Vigor
+1: Force, Study; +0: Subtlety


[Legendary] Because I found myself beyond the looking glass, I may bid a fate point, and upon winning the bid can instantly succeed at overcoming advantages that specifically target my resolve.
[Exceptional] Because I have mastered Kamun's Gaze of Lunar Fury, I get a +2 when I use Lineage to create advantages when facing an enemy of Kamun.
[Exceptional] Because of my Moonfire Bloodgate, I get a +2 when I use Resolve to overcome kisetsu-based opposition.


Refresh: 3
Stress: OOO
Minor (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Moonfire Bloodgate: Kotep discovered his powers at a young age, when peering through a reflective mirror. Having fallen into, surviving, and having returned from the dark realm behind the looking glass resulted in awakening his bloodgate. Once awakened, his bloodgate has allowed him to use his Lineage and Resolve in spell-like form in both social and combat related conflicts.
Agent of Kamun: Kotep's bloodgate is heavily influenced by the Transcended Legend Kamun, an Icon to which he revers with great respect and pride. This connection can grant divine boons or cause complications of moral compass and enemy interference.
Holy Aura: Kotep is protected by a moonfire aura that protects him during physical conflicts, and glows softly during a moonlit night. Normally a product of his bloodgate, the aura works at it's peak when in a conflict involving Lunakai or any other enemies of Kamun.
Kamun's Gaze of Lunar Fury: In situations when facing individuals corrupted by Lunakai or any other enemy of Kamun, Kotep is capable of summoning an inner fire that can potentially repel, stun, or mentally overwhelm opponents. The fire does nothing towards physical harm, and will not work on those of free will.
Mirror Realm Survivor: Kotep's awakening within his own mind has allowed him to have unshakable resolve and determination, bordering on the point of fearlessness. There have also been times when Kotep has been able to shake off otherwise lethal attacks with will alone.
Vulnerability to Alchemy: Kotep's reliance on his bloodgate makes him particularly vulnerable to the denial of bloodgate and metal based alchemical attacks.
Lunakai Awareness: Kotep has the ability to sense Lunakai influence in all things. Although some may consider this a blessing, it has made Kotep appear even more distant than his Tentaki heritage already poses. Lunkai lurk in the reflection of all things, though it is Kotep's desire to insure it stays that way, doing what he can to severe any possessions he comes across.


People looking over the above character sheet will notice some key differences from their normal FAE fair. These alterations include the following:

  • Approaches have been altered to reflect Social, Environmental, Physical, and Mental influence and resistance. This has allowed for the ability to increase the maximum bonus to a +4 while still maintaining a column-like structure.
  • Aspects have been altered to reflect the Heroic Fantasy elements of Valanas, with a focus on one's Origin, Motivation, and Lore that really makes a character shine in such settings.
  • The inclusion of one Legendary stunt and two Exceptional stunts. Legendary stunts take advantage of the Bidding system described in the FATE Toolkit. Players may only have one Legendary stunt at a time, but can spend refresh to gain additional stunts as normal.
  • Players wishing to customize their own Legendary stunt need only to use the following template: "Because of my [Choose one core aspect], I may bid a fate point, and upon winning the bid can instantly succeed at [chose one: attack, defend, create advantages, overcome] when [describe a an aspect-related circumstance]."
  • It is the goal of this setting designer to use two six sided dice (1d6-1d6) in place of the standard four fudge dice (4dF) to represent the potential for more legendary actions and a flat bell curve.
All of these choices have been made in order to help reflect the Legendary/Heroic aspect of the game and emphasize the different elements of the world that really make it shine.

Now if only I could get this weather to behave so I can actually make some decent playtests to see how well this all works at the table...