Sunday, November 10, 2013

[SuperSunday] 10 Years of fun, a Tribute Character

This past month and a half I have had the honor of receiving a copy of both the digital and physical copy of the Mutants and Masterminds 10 year Anniversary Collector's Edition Deluxe Handbook. I have only had the honor of playing Mutants and Masterminds since Second Edition,  and even then it was a very enjoyable experience. Each edition has helped to make the system it's own, and with it has come some of my favorite experiences as both a player and narrator at the tabletop role-playing medium.

Today I will share with you my reflections on this prestigious moment, followed by a short story and link to a character sheet for use with the Mutants and Masterminds system. Enjoy!

Opening the physical book for the first time was a very enjoyable moment where I got to look over some of the Villains that had been re-stated for the current format and seeing the book in it's hardbound, bookmarked glory. Within it's pages where quick character generation guides, a must have for this system, as well as a number of short essays by the development team, and a handful of wonderful short adventures to spur any game into action.

In honor of this wonderful achievement, I went through the pages and put together a character for Freedom City, taking into account a level of drama, heroics, and a motivation that I felt would fit very well in any place typical of the Freedomverse. What I share with you today is a modified hybrid Exemplar Warrior and Shield Weapon Master. His name is Solarr, a name he came up with that combined the word "Soul" with the nickname a young woman had given him: "Lawrence Skye" or as she nick named him "Larry."

Solarr was once a trusted elite soldier of the Spartan army, one of the many who had mastered the art of sword and shield. Over time, his skill got the better of him, and he grew overcome with power and overconfidence. A feminine spirit who was looking after him began to try to intervene only to find that the two of them fell in love. Blind to his own desire and overconfidence, Solarr fell victim to the deceptive influences of evil spirits known as Devi. Determined to bind his own spiritual guardian, the Devi tricked Solarr into giving his forbidden love a pendant cursed with a binding spell to which his guardian would never escape. 
Heartbroken and remorseful, Solarr looked up to the heavens asking for forgiveness and a chance to pay for his sins. The heavens answered, though in a way that changed his life forever. Stripped of his memory, gifted with immortality and superhuman traits, the heavens moved the youth into the future where he was left alone with only an indestructible shield and haunting memories of the forbidden love he once held and the never ending remorse he had of his naivety. 
Lost but continually driven forward, Solarr holds the shield close to him at all times and feeling driven to protect the freedom and innocence of those who can not do the same for themselves. He has become exceptionally aware of the lies and corruption around him, and with these tools he hopes to find penance for having fell victim to his own selfish greed and desire. 
Little does he realize, the shield he holds dear to him holds within it the binded heart of his former beloved. The heavens granted her wish as well, forever bound to the shield but granted with the divine purpose of protecting the man she loved so dearly, a man that she was willing to sacrifice everything in order to live with forever. 
And as the story always goes in the world of desert Dijjin, Devi, and the sands of time: One must always be careful what they wish for. Solarr does not know of his crime, though he knows deep down that he has a penance to pay and has the unshakable motivation to uphold the freedom and innocence of those who deserve it. Armed with an immortalized and indestructible reflective shield and superhuman abilities, there are very few who could stand against his motivations.

For those interested in playing this character in their Mutants and Mastermind's game, you can find his stat block in the following link:

Google Docs: Solarr - Power Level 10, 150pp

As always, I would love any commentary, critique, or reflections relating to this character and any other post. Cheers and here is looking forward to next week's Valanas Character Spotlight!