Wednesday, June 05, 2013

[Valanas] Ancestral Power

As I move on to putting together the Valanas Wiki, and opening the doors to new players, I am reminded of the impact the history of this world has on those who are in it.

Having mentioned on many occasions that players find themselves absolutely immersed into the world itself, one can quickly begin to appreciate the one thing that ties these players to the world itself... their Ancestors.

In Valanas, there are many Legacies to be had, forged, or altered over the course of any given adventure or campaign a Narrator (Valanas' version of a game master) has to share with their players. Though many of the players start a game, not having much knowledge or direction outside of that very first session.

Let's do the Time Warp Ag-... yeah, flashbacks are kind of like that...

So how is a player to grab hold of the world before them, something completely alien to them? By going to what any other normal person would have: Those with the closest connection to them.

These people provide the one true connection to the world, and provide unique opportunities for Narrators and Players alike to explore flashbacks. And as many would know, flashbacks are a very popular element for any Anime/Manga author for helping to shed light on otherwise cryptic characters.

As players explore the world, they will more than likely gain the opportunity to explore the mysterious world, and shed light on the behaviors of ancestral Legends that have helped to shape the world, more times than not revealing once good loved ones gone bad, and bad gone good.

The players will gain the ability to awaken aspects of their own character, and push it in ways that were otherwise impossible without that knowledge, and without mending the lost connections. And as they do so, their Seeds of Legend will begin to sprout, and allow for magnificent opportunities for the players to change the world.

Regardless if the players themselves wish to be recluse, isolated, and on the verge of being a hermit... though as many legends are forged, they will need to seek out their ancestry in order to simply survive, and find the will needed to move forward and face their own demons... as many of the current play testers discovered when attempting to save the Lost Taido.

For those reading, what have been some of your fondest discoveries of your heritage, and how has it helped to empower you to greater things? And if not to become greater, how has it helped to enlighten you to things that were once not completely understood?