Friday, May 31, 2013

[FunFriday] Nostalgia

It is now coming up to the month of June. The best part of it, is it gives me a chance to really reflect on how my life has progressed over the years. Though it seems... this year is different.

I will be turning the fresh age of 30 years, despite it feeling like I am getting a new take on life as if I was just getting out of high school. Though if anything, this thirtieth year has given me a chance to revisit some of my favorite childhood memories...

To start things off, I am very lucky to have a very supportive and friendly family. Growing up as a youth, I often was very disgruntled by having to live the life of a military family. Moving every couple of years was rough enough as it was, and provided ample opportunities to face the harsh reality of Culture shock.

It can be amazing what the world can teach us of each other and ourselves...
(Original Artist unknown)

This year though, I have began to see many of the life lessons taught by experiencing this diverse cultures and how they can be applied into our current society to make things a lot better. It has allowed me to view everything in multiple perspectives before coming to any conclusions.

Then my mother posted up on our mutual social network some of my favorite memories growing up as a child, many of which I had thought I had long forgotten. It has always been very easy to find memories in my mind that had a negative viewpoint in them, though in my efforts to really change my view on life, I have found (as well as my parents who have helped me significantly in the past few years) that revisiting some of our older pictures can really shed some light as to some of the personality traits that have yet to really change.

In the last couple of weeks before my birthday, I have taken the opportunity to purchase a copy of some of my favorite games for the Nintendo 64, remastered for use with the Nintendo 3DS. It reminded me of a fond memory of when my Uncle Keith sent our family the system and how quickly my brothers and I swarmed around the machine to see what it had to offer.

Star Fox 64 3D... quite the mouthful but worth every syllable!
(Provided by Nintendo public domain)

In the years to follow, we would have played Star Fox 64, Mario Kart, Smash Brothers Brawl, and the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I have had the opportunity to really take another look at the remastered Star Fox 64, and with having only spent a couple of hours on the portable device, it has been worth every penny of an investment.

The reason for it all is the significant level of nostalgia of my brothers and I (and occasionally my sister) dishing it out as we shot each other out of the sky, or tried to run each other over with tanks, or tried sniping people out of the sky as foot soldiers!

It was this single common element between we brothers that I was able to enjoy, as it was often times the one thing I could recall that most of us as siblings got to share between our moves. Now going on 30 and each of my fellow siblings are scattered across the United States, I am reminded of our memories and long to share even more with them as life carries us on into the future.

Here is to hoping my next 30 years bring me as many fond memories with those I care for, and that I may help people forge those same memories in their own families, be they with friends or close relatives in any number of my own personal pursuits (Valanas included!).