Friday, May 24, 2013

[FunFriday] The dance of Work and Relaxation

For many who have been following my blog for a while will know, bouts of silence do tend to crop up. It is a sad reality, though when it comes to this blog, it is my avenue of relaxation and escaping from the daily frustrations and find a place to where I can express my interests to any who have time to read it.

This week's FunFriday I will share with you all a bit of the tango that comes with blogging for fun, and blogging for a living, and how I am trying to push this blog in a direction that I hope will be very rewarding, for both as a living and fun experience.

The Memorial Day Crunch

This past month has been difficult to say the least. In the world of retail, many people will know of the Memorial Day build up. It is the time when employers are hiring aggressively, and trying their best to pinch every dollar to get the upper hand on the early year money spending spree that customers routinely work towards.

This happens two times out of the year, and many claim that the first part of the year is often the worst. This is because for many, it is the time to clean out the old and bring in the new. For myself, the retail world is something that I have been very comfortable with, and despite my employment rough spots, I tend to do well in such situations.

Despite this, the Memorial month is by far the most stressful, and with it many hours working late nights and having to fill in holes that people leave behind when they find the stress of the season too much to bear. Add in my own personal obligations to my wife to keep our home tidy, pay unexpected bills, and deal with keeping my own physical and mental health in check. Although these may seem like simple things, personally having to deal with a body that refuses to accept healthy things when under stress, it can be very difficult.

This past month has been a bit of a reflection of this, as I became glowingly neglectful of this blog.

The Fun behind the Story

In a perfect world, this blog would stand for many things. It would stand for the gateway to a world of my own creation, a homage to some of my favorite memories with friends and family alike, to the artistic talents and glorious literary genius of some of the most popular Manga and Comic artists and authors.

I would provide services for people to converse and relax, share their stories and experiences, and provide a friendly environment for creativity. These services would, to some extent, provide enough money to sustain the service as well as my household. It would provide me networking opportunities to contract my own personal skills, be it in the form of creating adventure paths that people could purchase or play in, or simply providing Web Development services to those seeking to make a world of their own.

This blog would provide a branding of it's own that people could associate with and help maintain, and work with any number of generic role play systems, fictional literature, and any number of other fun things that can come from a creative "franchise" as this. It wouldn't be a franchise, more so a community of like minded individuals who all want to help build something great, exchanging ideas as many of the Open Source community would be familiar with.

Sadly, this isn't the case, and this blog has, up till now, not earned me a single dime. To some degree, I almost do not want to provide such a situation where this blog is put up with advertisements and links to Amazon to get a "piece of the pie." The question is though... is it really bad? Is helping to maintain this blog going to be something to help me enjoy sharing this with the community, and will the money provided by such things help enhance this thought process?

The month of Discovery

This past month has really forced me to look things in a new perspective. If I am to fully appreciate my own future and somehow align this blog with that, I need to polish my career advancement and find ways that my work at home, my family, and the community I hope to some day support can align.

As always, I hope to share many things with those of the world wide web, and if you happen to have ideas on how I can make that happen, please feel free to share. I can only make this blog better, though before I can do so, and for it to become something like the above, I need to somehow mesh my own skills and life with that. And until I can get that answer, these small spurts of silence will have to be the norm.

I do apologize to any of you who sought out this blog in regularity for my silence, though as always I hope to only continue advancing. And despite the blog being infrequent, those I keep in touch with regularly know without a doubt that my mind continues it's creative adventures as I share it with them regularly.

Here is to hoping that things fall where they may, and the Muse guides me in such a path that will truly be rewarding for all!