Wednesday, April 03, 2013

[Valanas] As the seeds of Legend grow...

As the world of Valanas develops, it is becoming apparent that the world itself has gained the interest of all the players with little effort. Now, as we move onto the 3rd game in the next two weeks, the players have grown more and more into the setting and are trying to find more things to keep them moving forward.

Though, I feel that as with any good setting, the players are very quickly taking the established history, and making it into their own...

Various sources for concept art, like that above, has
significantly influenced the world of Valanas.

When originally designing the world of Valanas, my primary goal was to push the boundaries of Mutants and Masterminds, and push it to a level that made for some epic moments. In most Comic Books, the heroes beat up a bad guy and call it a day. Others, there is a massive story arch that tends to be pretty intense story wise. Though, if there was one thing I enjoyed reading and/or watching it was that of Anime and Manga.

Their stories were provocative, filled with action, intrigue, and characters that seemed to stand abuse time and time again, having many of their closest relationships taken away, or one of their closest friends turning into something so sinister that the hero's hope was the only thing keeping their friend from falling too deep.

Relationships were a profound element, and often times forged in some of the most dire of situations. That being said, a lot of anime watching/manga reading later and I was able to take all of what I learned and applied to to Valanas.

Craters like this have potential commonality due to the various
conflicts with Atlas and his destructive ways.

Now two weeks into the playtest and about 8 hours worth of time, the players have started to find bits and pieces of the Sansin who failed to find the grace of legend, and in the process have become Sansin themselves, heroes worthy of the Grace of Legends and who have gained the attention of their ancestors.

And without having to explain much about the setting, introducing people into a world so vast that it seemed daunting, the players themselves are finding themselves completely immersed and enjoying the story as it plays out before them.

Though, what makes it interesting, is that every player has a stake in what is going on. The emotions are there, plenty of drama, and as they progress to rescue the final Fallen Sansin, the players will have learned why each of the Heroes had fallen from grace, and ways for the players themselves to push the limits of what it means to be a Legend worthy to step up and be a part of the Great Ancestral Hall.

I am very excited to see how things turn out in the coming month, as I hope to introduce the players to two potential starting points for any GM's interested in the various areas of the world. As they do so, the players will get the chance to get in touch with the more mysterious side of things as they try to hunt down Cain, after his brother was slain before the very eyes of the players. There is still hope that the two defeated former Sansin can be resurrected, though it will take the power of all six current Sansin to bring it into reality.

Thanks +B. A. McCray+Kenneth Lor+Joshua Merrick+Jonathan Goodyer+Natalia Williams, and +Kelly Zigler for such an amazing experience playtesting so far. Despite having had limited to no experience with the setting in it's current format everyone has done amazingly well melding into and enjoying the world and providing me the feedback I need in order to know how to get players involved and GM's an idea of where to fit in the world.

Till next time Legends, may the Ancestor's guide you to a greater tomorrow!