Sunday, April 07, 2013

[SuperSunday] Valanas: The Lost Youth

In the world of Valanas, there was a great being that found near infinite power. In the process of acquiring that power, many people had suffered and many became lost with little to no family to support them.

Though despite this dark power, and the wars that would follow in the deadly conflicts that soon spread across the world, one lost youth saw it fit to help these young ones find a family. A family to which she would call The Lost Youth...

During the great conflict that brought about the loss of Atlas' six daughters, a seventh youth had gone against her father's wishes and went out to explore. By the time this seventh youth arrived back to her home, she was confused, lost, and otherwise naive to the slaughter that had occured.

Though as she looked over the land, and saw the destruction that was her own people, she instinctively searched for survivors, finding only other youths like herself who had survived through either sheer luck and/or fear. It was at this moment that the seventh child unknowingly manifested her own bloodline ability, acquiring the connection to a motherly spirit found within a seed found within the ashes of one of the Nezuto former homesteads.

Upon acquiring the seed, the seed bonded with her body in a painful way, though upon surviving the encounter, she understood the pain that had occurred in this small village, and new what was to come next.

From this moment on, the Nezuto who would come to call herself Ohatochan would do her best to uphold the dreams of her father by rebuilding the families that were lost on that day.

Over the course of time, many have come to call her "Sempai" though the woman typically laughs if people take it too seriously, asking many to simply call her "Hato". Over the past 200 years, Hato has acquired quite the following and had even come into contact with Sansin Taido, who is believed to have gifted her with the sword that had helped in the defeat of her own father.

This sword allowed her to stay unseen from any of those who sought to destroy her growing family, and allowed her to find those who had become victim to Aether Sage Cain's experiments as well as those who had gained powers in violent ways as a result of the banished Katara.

Now, Aether Sage Cain has become increasingly interested in Hato's efforts to rebuild a community of children and young adults and hopefully find a way to see how much his own failed experiments can be pushed to the limit. His hope is to push the envelope of the bloodlines, and bring about his ideal of "true enlightenment."