Sunday, April 21, 2013

[SuperSunday] The one and only, Nevitash

This past couple of weeks have been downright painful, as I had very few moments where I could sit down and talk about some of the fun things I have discovered with friends and family.

Though this being my 100th or so post, I wanted to talk a bit about a character that I have had in the works from when I first ran some 10 years ago. The character goes by the name of Nevitash, the curious and ambitious Kalashtar Psion Telepath from the lands of Eberron!

Eberron: Swashbuckling Action and Intrigue!

Originally started as an NPC in an ongoing campaign in the Eberron Dungeons and Dragons, and eventually became a key playing character in many games after words as I tried to resurrect the epic levels worth of fun experiences that were found in that game. In this recent week or two, a friend allowed me the chance to flesh out the character yet again, this time with a fun twist.

Instead of Nevitash playing as an NPC, I would be able to relive his experiences in my own vision and play it out in an ongoing game of her own. The game she would be running is completely open to any rules, so I could easily take Nevitash and bring him into her world to explore and shape in his own way.

Below is just a small taste of what I had in mind for his background, with much of it still in draft. I have attempted to piece it all together in the best way I could manage, taking particular note in each of his significant steps to progressing into the Epic Legend that he is today.

A character originally from the Magna Carta video game
helped inspire the image of Nevitash

Youth -

As a child, Nevitash spent most of his Kalashtar youth in Sarlona practicing and contemplating the ways of The Path of Light. It was the hope of his people that he may some day be able to fuel the soul shard that enabled their people to find solace despite constant conflict from the agents of the Dreaming Dark and those who called themselves the Inspired. Thanks to his curiosity and knack for talking people into seeing his way, he quickly found himself in diplomatic roles within his city despite his young age. By the time of his adulthood, Nevitash had gained an empathic affinity to all sentient creatures and sensing the motives of those eager to cause harm to him and his loved ones.

Hero -
Through intensive meditation and focused discipline, Nevitash quickly found a way to master the art of being a Telepathic Psion. After having proven himself to be a worthy asset, the powers behind the Inspired were increasing, and Nevitash put it upon himself to take on a mission that would hopefully liberate some of those under the Inspired influence. Unfortunately, he was quickly outnumbered, and it took every ounce of his power to allow him and his remaining guardians safe passage outside of Sarlona entirely, his mind determined to return and take them on again.

Paragon -
Having found himself within the nation of Khorvaire, Nevitash took up ranks with a small group of Adventurers as they traveled across the eastern border of the continent purging slavery wherever he went. With his mental influence combined with the potent magical and physical powers of his comrades the group was able to liberate many of the slave trades and cause great strain to the efforts of a potential Vol resurrection.

Legend -
Upon defeating the Blood of Vol, Nevitash once again turned his sites on the Inspired and those of the Dreaming Dark. Though with his newly discovered powers and having more focus than he had ever imagined, he quickly uncovered an evil plot to overthrow the powers of Khorvaire that had been in motion since his absence from Sarlona. Splitting off from his original group of adventurers, Nevitash put into motion his growingly potent abilities and discovered ways of freeing those under the Inspired influence. Using the momentum to move overland, Nevitash combined his forces with an army of Dragons and Psionic Warforged in order to reclaim his homeland. By the end of the conflict there were many losses, though Nevitash stood with his army victorious, his mastery of Psionics complete though many questions heavy on his mind...

Epic Legend -
During the final conflict with the Inspired, Nevitash had not quite fully understood the graces that came with full devotion to self sacrifice. Instead, during the conflict with the Inspired, Nevitash had completely mind wiped one of the enemy, planting his own Mind in place of his foes to insure that the Quori in the humanoids mind would never return. After the conflict had settled, Nevitash had finally fabricated a way to manifest a means for his people to find peace by manifested his own microcosm for his people to find peace and solitude on through meditation since it was not possible for their people to ever find peace through sleep. Though still curious of the cosmos around him, Nevitash put his powers to use in the hopes of traveling the Astral plane, leaving behind his Mind Seed to look over the realm that he had once called home in the hopes of learning the secrets behind the minds of those beyond Eberron.

Epic Watcher of Faerûn and Beyond -
Having found his way in Faerun, Nevitash quickly acquired a gathering of humanoids who seemed to find his potential worth following. From those who were enthralled by his visions and believed him to be of true legend, despite some of his darker considerations, Nevitash quickly befriended a female Sorceress who quickly found out that her bloodline was in fact her inability to fully manifest her Coatl form.

Together, both the female sorceress and Nevitash have traveled across the land, acting to discover some of the intrinsic elements of what make the humanoids and creatures of Faerun think the way they do, and discovering yet again a new place in the cosmos and pursuing what Nevitash hopes to be a strong connection to his own personal morals.