Friday, April 05, 2013

[FunFriday] Of Monsters and Bagpipes

This past couple of weeks, I was lucky enough to have received a gift card for a new game, which I put up for the pre-order for Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS. I had my doubts initially, as  the controls in game demo didn't agree with me all that well. I had not defeated a single monster at all, though it seemed to have a lot of promise.

Needless to say, now two weeks into it, and I have become absolutely hooked!

Despite it's strong farming roots, which I typically do not enjoy,
this game is horribly addicting!

You see, when I originally tried Monster Hunter on the Wii, I very rarely had the opportunity to really sit down and give it a good shot. Busy work schedule, family life, and a number of other obligations were simply too much to handle such an involved game.

With the recent release on a hand held Nintendo 3ds, online capabilities while "on the move", local portable online game play, as well as the ability to work with others on the Wii U, I just couldn't walk away from the opportunity. I was seriously going to give the game a shot to see what it was all about, and see what I was potentially missing on the Wii.

At first, the game was relatively easy to get into, compared to the really intense approach of the demo, giving the player a monster to hunt down right from the start. I never really seemed to be able to defeat the monster on any of them. Now, starting from the beginning and having everything introduced to me in such a way that shows pretty significant progress, I now have a very good idea of what to do when hunting and where I want to go.

Additionally, as the player's character gains repute, their city that they start in begins to acquire a number of nifty benefits that allow the hunter to get more resources to push them towards larger and larger monsters and more exotic resources for even more good stuff.

Yes, I am an iron-bagpipe wielding fiend, and absolutely love it!

There seems to be a lot of enjoyable elements to this game, and I know I have just barely scratched the surface. As of right now, I have just unlocked one additional island, faced a huge monster that almost swallowed me whole while trying to find an exotic resource, and when all was said and done I came back home to find more people have found their way to my village and are eager to help me along my way.

And the fun part is that I get to smash things with an iron bagpipe while hunting, and doing so in such a way that sweeps many monsters out of the way. Now if I could only get the kilt to match!

I am still delving into the more complex parts of the game, like trapping monsters and trying to find ways of handling even more potent monsters, though for now I can not say that I could be any happier with my purchase. If you happen to be interested in the game, even remotely, I would highly recommend a try.

Things to keep in mind about the game though:
  • Time Sink!: The Game is indeed more Hard-Core than it is Casual.
  • Timed Quests!: Despite this fact, most quests in the game are timed, and last no more than an hour (as far as I have seen).
  • Master those Combos!: The game does take a bit of skill and understanding to master, and knowing what options are there is only half the battle.
  • Equipment is the Key!: The character progresses through the acquisition of resources, trading, and building equipment to advance the character as apposed to experience.
  • Finding the Diamond in the Rough: There is certainly a large amount of grind  involved in this, meaning a lot of repeating the same things multiple times to acquire resources.
  • Team up for Bigger Rewards: That being said, players can team up to do higher challenge missions which typically reward better resources and income, helping to eliminate the grind burden.
  • Polish is Everything: This game really makes the player feel like they are progressing mean something to your city. That, and the cosmetics of each of the players upgrades really help bring a nice polish to this.
If these things interest you, then go for it. If not, be mindful of it before going to purchase. In the event that anybody reading this obtains the game, let me know and I can share my friend code for some friendly hunting action!

Now if you do not mind, I have some bagpipe practice to attend to! And yes, it is about twice the size of myself, as it SHOULD be!