Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Valanas] The New Sansin (Scene 2)

This is currently part two of the Transcript of this week's game. Divided up between two posts for simplicity and ease of reading.

Players will likely have journal entries to share, and will have that in the coming weeks if they so desire!

Transcription 3/20/13

Act 1: The New Sansin (Closer to the Stars)

Scene 2: A taste of power...

  • Sanika arrives first to the Great Hall, the massive amount of aether coursing through her blood causes a slight amount of disorientation as she moves into Sansin Katome's chambers. She quickly discovers an almost unrecognizable body on the floor, and what appears to be Katome on the balcony stretching her body out as if to look at it in awe.
  • Sanika begins trying to figure out what is happening, though she quickly determines that the woman at her feat is indeed Katome and the woman posing as her is an imposter, moving to attack.
  • Meanwhile, AruKai tries to move in to find support and help, though quickly realizes Sansin Katome's potent ability of influence is causing many to feel as if nothing is going on, acting with little sense of urgency.
  • Sanika moves in for an attack, though what she hopes to be a slam is quickly countered and she quickly finds herself dangling over the edge of the balcony with what seems like a tongue around her neck and a small army of Corrupt Ronin before her, hungry for her blood. Thankfully for her, the massive amounts of Aether are protecting her from her corruption, though it is not helping in allowing her to escape from her grasp.
  • AruKai calls in for what assistance he can, when the others arrive by means of water teleportation. The Duo of Kimoru move in and find a small army of Corrupt Ronin who were moving to assassinate their comrade Sanika.
  • Nykoto casts a blessing on all her comrades while being teleported around by Hibiki's summons, allowing the group to push their abilities to the limit yet again. Serene follows the attack by slamming a collum of water onto the imposter, forcing the woman to release Sanika while unintentionally causing the imposter to focus on her.
  • AruKai transmutes the imposters armour into an entangling collection of ironwood, which limits the imposters movements, though only long enough to allow her to use her tongue to grapple the liquid form of Serene. Surprised and now grappled, the imposter begins to sap the powers from Serene, turning her own powers against her.
  • An act of desperation, Sanika releases the Aether energy she had been building up till now, causing a massive explosion into the surrounding area, quickly defeating the Corrupt Ronins threatening to attack her before they had a chance to act. The others are able to quickly adapt and resist the explosion, though the surrounding structure begins to fall apart, trapping others in the area including what remains of the now dying Sansin Katome.
  • The others move in to attack, doing what they can to defeat this strange doppleganger. Their attacks begin to make some headway, as Hibiki presses her attack against the woman, blessed by the power granted by Kimoru Nykoto.
  • AruKai and Serene attempt to work with damage control as the battle begins to take it's toll on the Sansin stronghold, AruKai finding that by calling a prayer to his Ancestors he found an answer, and for the first time seeming found a connection that he had once lost long ago.
  • Just as the players seem to be getting the upper hand and the summoned army began to move in to help, an aspect of Atlas appeared once again, this time telling "Katara" to stop playing with her food.
  • Giving a quick pout, the woman takes her last action to mold into the ground, with Atlas saying he had achieved what he came to do and insuring that he had the power needed to kill the remaining Sansin, and there was little else the new Sansin could do to stop him before vanishing himself into the surrounding stone.
  • The players move to help out Sansin Katome, who they find is falling prey to a curse so powerful that all they can do is insure that her spirit remain attached to what little is left of her now quickly aging body. They gather their army, and move her back to the Temple, where they find a way to protect her now dying body.
  • Having moved her out of sight of Atlas, the group now begins to speak with the Priests in order to find out what is next. They know for sure that Katara is known as the corrupt "Hunger" and is the source of the Cursed Katana's that now are within the hands of the Corrupt Ronin roaming fighters, and that she now has the powers of the Legendary Sansin Katome and the powers of Sansin Serene.
  • There is no doubt that she may very well have a small taste of power from atlas himself, though little else is known...
  • The players gear up to make plans on how to find the remaining two Sansin before Katara and Atlas get to them and exact their own revenge and preventing what is likely to be the next Nightfall...