Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Valanas] The New Sansin (Scene 1)

Today was a great night, and this is my quick run-down of the flavor behind the game. There was much going on that many players had a chance to get a full taste of their characters, the setting, and many other things.

Follow along and read up on the full transcription, if players so wish I can update this again to include the mechanical bits, but for the most part I feel this really suffices. Great stuff to follow!

Transcription 3/20/13

Act 1: The New Sansin (Closer to the Stars)

Scene 1: Atlas falls, Legends rise.

  • Sansin Katome declares the players potentials for the New Sansin when she is given news of her potential fall. She sends the players off with their new entitlements to the Sushuno Temple, where it is to be said that the Priest of Stars will grant them his blessing.
  • The players take no time waiting and leave immediately, gathering what belongings they need to prepare for the short journey to the mountain temple.
    Being given access to transportation, either through summons or otherwise, the players take leave. The two Kumori scout ahead to insure all is well and no ambushes from roaming Tentaki Extremists interfere.
  • Upon arriving at the Temple, the two Kimoru take notice of a large number of what they believe to be statues, though they quickly discover they are the inhabitants of the temple who have been turned to stone. The Sansin take note and quickly take action.
  • Sanika is the first to arrive into the core of the Temple, where she finds Atlas and the Priest of Stars. Atlas declares his intentions, sadden to not have been given the chance to face Katome himself, though exacting his revenge on the priest would suffice.
  • Sanika uses her Disrupting Aether ability to turn his armour into feathers, angering the almost godlike power. The other players move into place shortly after, prepared to attack.
  • Atlas seems to mold with the stone structure, triggering an earthquake, catching the players in a massive stone explosion damaging all but AruKai, who prepares to face Atlas head on... realizing he is one of his own.
  • As Atlas moves to attack Serene, he mentions to the others that he is using the statues as his minions against them, complicating matters greatly. By sacrificing a part of herself, Sanika adapts her Rune Mastery to counter the flesh to stone transmutation used on those around them, removing Atlas' control of their bodies. Mildly wounded and a tad fatigued, Sanika and the rest of the others moves up to support Serene, the following attacks doing little but frustrating their resolve.
  • AruKai declares a word of inspiration, buffing the players and allowing them to push past Atlas' strong defensive, though with little success in actually harming him.
  • Atlas quickly retaliates, causing both AruKai and Sanika to be knocked off their feat as the elemental force uses extra effort to attack each player in turn with dense hands of stone, leaving Arukai knocked just outside of the area of combat and Sanika on the verge of defeat.
  • Serena and the barely conscious Sanika are able to distract Atlas long enough to allow Hibiki and Nykoto the opportunity to launch him into the air where he is severed from his connection to his natural element, Serene's persuasiveness triggering Atlas to focus more on monologuing than actually focusing on the battle at hand.
  • Vulnerable and in the air, AurKai gets to his feet and summons his ironwood staff, extending it to reach the now limp body of Atlas as he falls to the ground. Using all his might, he finishes the attack by slamming Atlas into the ground, shattering his body and allowing the new Sansin to feel as if they have succeeded, though the true Atlas assures them that is not the case.
  • The players come to the realization that although they have gained the Priest's blessing and those of the entire temple, Sansin Katome may very well be in grave danger as Atlas says Katome's fall was secured with his distraction.
  • With little hesitation, Sanika unlocks the full potential of her runed mithril jewelry, allowing the surrounding aether to push her body to the limit. Taking off at insane speeds, all that the players see after her declaration of intent are ripples of aetheral energy and a loud bang.
  • AruKai quickly takes up pursuit, as the others gather what information and evidence of Atlas' remains they need and portal to the waters of their home town through creative use of Serene's bloodline water control