Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Valanas] First playtest to take affect today!

So this Wednesday I am very excited to say I have put together a small rag-tag team of players interested in trying out the setting. All players have put together varying levels of a background for each of their players and will be thrown into the world for the first time since I have come close to the completed development for most of the core story elements. That, and the players will get to have a taste of Atlas for the first time...

PL 11 characters to face Atlas for the first time?
Yeah, they may very well need all the power they can get!

I will be recording the session using various tools in Linux, and if I can manage it I'll try to touch it up and have it to share later on. For those interested in later events, and depending on the popularity of it, I will continue to have the adventures open for anybody interested to try.

Though as of now, the listing of player characters are as follows:
Kimoru Tentaki Nykoto - Faithful Agent of the Kukouri, Faith Aligned
Neochi (Neozu) Kijin Hibiki - Dual Spectral Spider Summoner, Creation Aligned
Nezuto Centurion AruKai - Aspiring Leader and Ironwood Transmuting Prodigy, Legend Aligned
Terran Centurion Sanika - Aether Controlling Defender, Magic and Legend Aligned
Ugandi Kijin Serene - Water Bloodline Historian, Time Aligned
From what I have gathered I feel the players have unique places in the world, with ties to key elements of their ancestral bloodlines, associations, and will have a great level of unison once established.

The players will get to look forward to some substancial and powerful choices right from the beginning that will likely shape the world for the better, and quickly realize how quickly their legend will manifest. They will face elements from each of the major players in the world, and obtain some fun opportunities for RP.

All in all, I am very much looking forward to this, and I hope the players are equally happy about the experience!