Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[TechTuesday] Tech on Hiatus

Hello there readers! As many may have noticed I have taken a slight break on doing some of the TechTuesdays. The primary reason behind this is that the world of Java (the primary programming language for Maptools) has gone through some drastic changes, putting a bit of a hamper on my progress with developing my gaming framework...

Maptools, Why must the Java be so cruel!?

As such, the "automatic updater" for the software has left the older stuff behind and put the new (and often times glitchy) new version on many people's computers. The largest problem with that is that it can cause many problems with trying to get a new game running for people who simply just want to hop in and have fun using the software.

Additionally, I have been reading up on the forums a tad bit, and the developers of the system are going through a lot of changes of their own. Many of the older developers have had many things come into their lives that have caused their attention to focus on more personal matters, hindering slightly the progress of the software's development and adaptation to the new Maptools.

That being said, I am trying to at least wrap my head around what will/will not change and if the current state of Maptools can be worked around. Many people in the community are attempting to make scripts/smaller brograms to insure that people who try maptools can do so with little changes on their end and ironing out key glitches in the system.

That in mind, I will be attempting to do some research using the system in the background, though until then TechTuesday will not be up very often. If it is, it may deal with the continued development of this wonderful software, or talking about my experiences with Maptools, which has been showing some significant improvements lately.

If there are other things you readers are interested in learning of technology wise in the interim, please feel free to let me know! Till then, I look forward to sharing more with you all about the continued development of Valanas, which will likely take place of the normal TechTuesdays.

I will be making a plan to host a playtest of the setting at least once a month starting tomorrow. Once I am sure I have everything polished and presentable, I will likely make a Google Plus page dedicated to the blog and for this monthly game. Till then, happy gaming all and thanks for the continued reads!