Sunday, March 17, 2013

[SuperSunday] The Yokudo

As I work to gear up for the upcoming playtest for the Valanas world setting this Wednesday, I got to flesh out some details about the world that help to give the setting personality and depth.

When developing the world, I had wanted to include something along the lines of a Vampire or Werewolf to tie in with the strong lunar elements found in the world that wasn't already beaten to death... and in the process of building it all together I had discovered the Yokudo, ghostly and dark mirror opposites to the popularized Samurai...

The fall of Katara

During development, I had put together the character Katara: once a child prodigy who was to become Tengu. A title normally given to one of a select few Tentaki who had been chosen by the moon goddess Kamun to act as her Avatar and guide for the common Tentaki. Though due to her own greed and impatience, she became cursed to forever fear the blessed silver light of the moon.

Like many other things in the world, the curse changed into something entirely new as the evil forces of the Lunakai took hold. Katara, cursed with a never ending thirst for power, was guided by what she had thought was her inner self guiding her to more and more potent sources of power until she was guided to one of the Lunakai champions.

It wasn't much longer after when Katara forged the first Katana, an extremely lethal blade that when forged correctly bestowed a curse on any person who scored a potentially lethal blow with such a blade. Once bestowed, the wielder of the Katana quickly find themselves slaves to Katara, becoming a slave to the same thirst for power as herself.

Curse of the Yokudo

Those who have become corrupt enough end up becoming one of the Yokudo, a group of armoured soldiers who are only darker reflections of what they once were. Anyone who has attempted killing of these soldiers often times find themselves in possession of their own cursed Katana, only causing a continuation of the curse and to some extent allowing Katara herself the ability of hunting out power even when those in possession of her Katana's are not aware of it's influence...

Thirst for power, and a curse to pass from victim to victim... this has been something I hope will be a revolving element as players find themselves facing foes wielding potently deadly swords with lethal precision, hunting out what they only know to be the next challenge or seeking out power of their own among those unfortunately enough to fall prey to their greed.

I hope you all enjoyed a taste of the darker side of Valanas, and give an idea of how even the simplest form of sin can continually taint those not strong enough to resist them.