Sunday, March 10, 2013

[SuperSunday] From Legends Forged

This SuperSunday I will be touching up not on a single character, or even their stat blocks. Instead, I will touch up on the three Legends of Valanas that will likely have the largest impact on the world that most players will call home!

In the Beginning...

In the beginning, two major humanoid powers came into contact with each other, both intent on colonizing a rather large island continent. At first the two civilizations did not know what to think of the other, both having seen each other as "civilized" as the other, though with very distinct specializations.

These two civilizations became what is now known as the Terrans, themed after Chinese Culture, and the Ugandi, which is themed around Greek civilization. Where the two cultures did not mix well was in the fact that one thrived in a Dynastic Dictatorship, and the other a Philosophical Democracy.

Both cultures were willing to trade with each other, though as the two civilizations began to expand, tension grew to such an extent that the two civilizations attempted to negotiate the quickly diminishing resources on the island. Secretly, the two powers made a plan to attack the other and hopefully undermine the diplomatic efforts.

Sadly, the result of these attacks would change the world forever...

The Birth of Atlas: Agent of Destruction

The silent dance of death between these two super powers soon spilled out to the smaller native inhabitants of the island. One such native Nezuto Enclave was fairly content with staying unseen and peaceful wherever possible. Unfortunately for the enclave, the conflict resulted in the brutal killing of a small number of innocents.

In an effort to keep things silent, the mysterious agents proceeded to try to eradicate every survivor, though one Nezuto seemed to withstand the attacks better than others. The force quickly took hold of the poor Nezuto's family, consisting of the man and his seven daughters. With each brutal killing, the Nezuto father fell deeper and deeper into despair... so much so that upon the slaying of his sixth daughter, the connection with his darkest reflection was complete.

The resulting massacre was not something many have survived to tell. Those that had somehow survived the attacks explained it only as if a darkness had consumed the Nezuto, the feelings of loss, rage, and disparity creeping into any poor soul who happened to be within his gaze.

He killed many of the men by crushing or swallowing those unlucky enough within large chasms and what was explained as large clawed hands of stone. He left one single Terran and Ugandi alive, and while pouring his hatred into their poor souls he told them that Atlas had awakened, and it would do them well to leave, or prepare to share his pain.

The Rise and Fall of Legends

When the reports came in on the failed conflict and how things had gone drastically out of control, the Terran Dynasty and the Ugandi Democracy gathered for the first time in the hopes of calling forth the best that both the bloodlines had to offer.

With the threat established by Atlas, the two super-powers were hopeful to destroy the threat before it got entirely too out of control, while attempting to turn their efforts into what they hoped their people would presume was diplomatic efforts.

Little did the people actually know of the silent conflict going on, it was the collective hope of the now desperate powers to bring an end to the conflict before the threat posed by Atlas came into reality.

Though, as it would so happen four heroes took the stand. The quartet consisted of a pair of Terrans and a pair of Ugandi who's names were:

Cain - Kisetsu Artist, Brother to Taido
Taido - Experienced Soldier and Commander, Brother to Cain
Katome - Ugandi Performing Artist, First Centurion of the Ugandi Militia
Stylos - Ugandi Legendary Historian, Keeper of Time

These four adventurers would then on be known as the Legendary Sansin. Their adventure to face Atlas will have taken them across all of this small island continent. The conflict that happened on the day when all four of them conquered Atlas would leave the world scarred forever. A daughter's broken heart, a dear friend lost, and the bitter separation of two of the most connected and loving of brothers known through-out Terran history.

And now we are here...

It has been a little over 200 years now, and the Legends that many had come to call as heroes are now mostly forgotten, their reputations tarnished by the corrupt powers that they themselves served. All that stands true even today is the Immortal Legend Katome, who feels her immortality is more of a curse than a blessing.

Hoping to make the most of her current position as the only remaining reputable Sansin (The title given to the four who had "rescued" the island from Atlas), Katome is now cooperating with any and all who are willing to find refuge in her small city called Sushuno Harbor. It is in this city she hopes to find those worthy enough to step up to her cause, just as she did those 200 some years ago.

The remaining two Sansin seemingly doing nothing but causing grief to themselves and to a smaller extent Katome, who hopes that she can bring about a peace between the two brothers, something that she feels personally at fault for.

Built within the crater left behind by Atlas' defeat, it is Katome's hope that she can rebuild the relationships shattered in this small part of the world, and hopefully rise to once again obtain the Grace of Legends that she had dreamed of doing in her adventure in the first place... and hopefully bring honor back to those she has grown to love...