Tuesday, February 05, 2013

[TechTuesday] Posting on my phone!

This week on Tech Tuesday I'm trying something a little different. With the weather being dad an internet being intermittent I get to try my hand add posting via voice from my android phone!

That being said I hope to share with you some of the plans I have in store for my Valanas gaming community!

For starters I feel it would be very nice if there was some means of putting together a gaming community for both players and Game Masters alike. In my ideal situation, players and Game Masters could get together and have a voice and map solution that players could either donate or invest money or gaming resources that the entire community can benefit from.

With resources such as mumble voice chat and RPTools available for the community through time invested, I am finding it increasingly difficult for people to have all these resources used in one collective environment. This isn't because there is a lack of interest, instead I feel it is due in part because it has yet to be attempted.

In the coming months I hope to put this all together in a pleasant and approachable way. Over the course of the same time I hope to use my gaming world as a means of putting it all together. If this interests you are you feel that this could be improved upon, please feel free to leave a comment.

In the coming weeks I will begin to outline how I hope to put it all together. I look forward to getting this all put together and share with you all, as I feel the monthly fee Solutions online today is putting too much of a burden on something that should normally be an investment of time  and joy with friends and/or family.