Sunday, February 10, 2013

[SuperSunday] Valanas Playtest Action!

This Super Sunday will be focusing on my work so far on converting my Valanas setting to a game sheet that players can easily reference and hopefully get to the point of having a short or possibly ongoing game.

What I would like to share, outside of the Gaming sheet itself, is the process I'll be taking to putting it all together. Feel free to critique and leave comments along the way!

Mecha and Manga: Yup, even includes Magic Girl/Pocket Monster style gaming!

Putting it all Together

When I had been exploring options for my blog, I came to the realization that Google provides a rather large amount of resources for people who host their business on their sites. Seeing as how I haven't got the resources, nor the amount of popularity to really put something big together, I had figured that this would be a labour of love that I share with the world.

That said, after having had my discussions this past week, I have decided to start putting together tools to act as a foundation for running easily referenced games. Communication has always been a problem for a lot of people, so having tools that allow for quick pick-up fun makes for even casual gaming to not be an entire hassel.

Combine the use of Public Documents on Google docs, and using the resources that I had made this past week, I have put together a folder on my Google drive to share with anyone interested in viewing the information and potentially putting their own games together with it.

Since this is public, players can add/remove what they want. With that, I share with you the following
Mutants & Masterminds 3e - Valanas Gaming Folder
- Folder containing resources for the Valanas Playtest -
(Will continuously be updated as the playtest is set up)
When putting this all together, it is important to know what elements my gaming system emphasizes on and the parts that are most important to the players. In order to keep from option overload, many resources are available within the books I had mentioned. Additionally, by looking at this form, players know that any character concept from Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, or even Bleach, can potentially fit in this type of setting.

Plans for the Future

As of the typing of this post, I have only polished off about half of the information on the first page, which details the Theme (Adventure and Intrigue), Genre (Manga/Anime), and Elements that can be expected from this kind of game. My hope is that as I develop the campaign plan, I can focus it and make it so that any player who reads the first page can get an idea of what kind of character to get into the game.

Additionally, there are entire sections in the campaign file that will provide people with the ability to hone in on a character concept. Are you going to be a Nezuto Cosmic Centurion (a twist on the words "Vigil Watcher"), or a Tentaki Ninja master (named similarly to that of the Tengu, though reflective of a bird instead of a dog), or any of the other fun character ideas?

This document will provide in time racial templates, ideal origins and archetypes, and everything that will be needed to jump right into a game. I'll hopefully have a list of links for things that have helped inspired this setting as well.

Additionally this public folder will provide a random character roll table that allows for quick pick-up play. At the moment, I need to put together a list of professions, typical skills, and various other elements that revolve around this small village that will act as the focal point of the Valanas game setting.

Finally, I hope to put together a group of at least six to eight pre-generated ready to roll characters to help people jump right into the game, or at the very least get a better feel for the setting and how things work.

Final Thoughts

For those who have been able to run other types of Manga style games, what kind of tools do you use and why? I hope with some of the other elements that I hope to share in time will bring some fun creative changes to this setting. Everything of course is free to use and share, just please give credit where it is due.

I want to give a special "Thank You" shout-out to +Natalia Williams for all of her help with the development of this setting. Our hard work together, and her initial inspiration to get this setting this far, would not have been the same without her. Thank you so much for that!

With that in mind, I look forward to seeing any feedback, and if anybody is interested in playtesting this setting with us please let me know! As mentioned above, I can provide the characters. All anybody would need is google voice and RPTools. Till next time happy gamers!

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