Sunday, February 17, 2013

[SuperSunday] The Tentaki Kimoru

This past week has been very rough, having dealt with a pretty painful bug that kept in bed the better part of the last three days and then having to deal with my car falling onto it's last leg.]

So instead I am now turning my attention towards polishing off the Valanas Campaign Setting, and the details are slowly coming together. I now will share with you one of the archetypes I have been working on, a slight modification to the Ninja Archetype from the Mutants and Masterminds Supplement: Mecha and Manga.

As I do so, I am starting to polish off the feel for the setting. Talking with various people in the realm of Anime have let me get a better idea of what people look for when it comes to conflict in such series. One that came up rather regularly happened to be the conflict between Naruto and Pain.

If anyone hasn't read this part of the series or watched the some 3 hour long combat via the Anime, the conflict is extremely emotional, and shows as a great example of the level of grey that I hope to achieve in the setting.

When putting the Tentaki together, I had seen them as being some of those who have suffered some of the greatest pains in Valanas. Having been the very first bloodline to have come into contact with, and survived an assault from, the evil Lunakai who were then forced to try to expand into the other bloodlines. As the other bloodlines refused aid, only to turn around and selfishly request it, have left the Tentaki very bitter.

It is their belief that it was from the soul grace of the Moon that allowed them to survive the attack, and when the Creatoan established the Laws of Creation the Tentaki did not suffer much and instead easily adapted to the land that they had become so accustomed to. The Lunar entity and worshiped goddess Kamun acts as the source of determination and source of power for many of the Tentaki.

Among the first bloodlines to master the art of Kisetsu, the Tentaki have become some of the most potent assassins, spies, and survivalists of Valanas. Tentaki combine their combat skill  and devotion to the divine in order bring about justice to the Lunakai who they know are still trying to influence the world of Valanas.

All said, I was able to put together a generic stat block for a Tentaki Kimoru, who act as the spies and assassins under the command of the Sansin Katome.


Ability Scores: STR 2; STA 2; AGI 7; DX 7; FGT 13; INT 0; AWE 5; PRE -1
Saves: Fortitude 4 [+6], Will 4 [+8], Dodge 6 [+13], Parry 0 [+13], Toughness [+7/2*]
Advantages: Acrobatic Bluff, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 1, Favored Environment (Forest), Great Endurance, Hide in Plain Sight, Ninja Run, Up the Wall.
Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+15), Athletics 6 (+8), Deception 8 (+8), Expertise (Survival) 4 (+4), Perception 6 (+11), Investigation 4 (+4), Kisetsu 6 (+15), Ranged Combat (Kunai) 4 (+11), Slight of Hand 4 (+11), Stealth 6 (+13)
Equipment: Ninja Armor (+2 Tough), Kunai (Damage 1 Autofire, 10ft thrown increment, 19-20 Crit)


Blessing of Kamun (Persistent Regeneration 5)
Stunning Ki Stance: Stance (Move Action Alternate Form; Ki Strike (Damage 4, Penetrating 6 Strength Based, Improved Critical 19-20; All-Out Attack, Defensive Attack, Power Attack, Kisetsu Counter 1)
Super Movement 1 (Trackless Step)
Senses (Low-Light Vision, Ki Sense)
Morph 2 (Any Humanoid with same mass and gender)
Speed 2Leaping 2

Final Details

Cost Totals: Ability Scores (70pp) + Saves (14pp) + Advantages (10pp) + Skills (56 Ranks and 28pp) + Powers (43pp) = Total 165pp

*Note: If any of the Advantages/abilities do not make sense, check with the campaign document linked at the beginning of this post for more details. I have made sure to include a table of contents for easier browsing!