Friday, February 01, 2013

[FunFriday] Geek and Sundry: TableTop!

This week, I sat down with my wife in front of our television. This is a rare occurance, as we never really "watch" TV. We usually spend our time playing games, or watching a Movie, but our time there is usually limited at best.

In this rare instance, we sat in front of the TV and watched our bi-weekly episode of TableTop, a TV Show about gaming!

A YouTube show for gaming? SIGN ME UP!

Geek and Sundry is Felicia Day's brainchild, and is a collection of shows that she helps to maintain. TableTop is one that she helps to produce where Wil Wheaton acts as the Host. Every other week, the show gathers together a small group of reputable people to try out a variety of different games, ranging from board games, card games, dice games, and now in the new year they are touching up on dice rolling role-playing games!

Seeing as how my blog revolves almost entirely around these kind of games, one can only imagine when I see a new game I haven't played before, or one that I have played and see how these very smart and creative people try it out. It is a very entertaining experience that I get to look forward to every other week.

The very nice thing that one can get from each episode is that they have a good mix of veterans and newcomers, and all of them have a personality about them that make every episode very entertaining. Not to mention, the level of production value in this show is absolutely amazing, something I would have never expected from this kind of show.

One episode in particular revolves around quick games, and despite each of the opposing player's efforts to keep that one lucky player from winning, that very lone player somehow ended up with a flawless victory by the end of it all. That memory will forever be immortalized in my memory, and gives a whole new perspective on Zombie Dice (Which ironically my wife has somehow duplicated from time to time!).

If you haven't already, check out their channel (click on the big logo above if you haven't already), and look at what other things Geek and Sundry have to offer!

I hope you all enjoyed this week's FunFriday. I am still brainstorming on things that I can share on this day, as it often comes to me randomly each week. If you have anything in particular you'd think I would find particularly entertaining to share, let me know!

Till next Friday, happy gaming!