Friday, February 22, 2013

[FunFriday] FTL, Random Fun!

This week on Fun Friday I was nearly out of anything to post about up till about this Wednesday. Having been under the weather, I had a lot of time to look around for something fun to help pass my time.

What I had found in my idle sickness was nothing short of a gem in the rough, a small Indie game that was the product of Crowdsourcing called FTL: Faster Than Light. Follow the link for more info, and a taste of what some of the gameplay looks like...

Expect to play this game many times through...
(Yes, this isn't a bad thing!)

The Journey

Bored with everything I had found, I decided to try to get get some of my games to work on Linux that I had purchased through Steam, a computer gaming software platform that puts all your digital content in one place.

Little did I know, Steam had officially unlocked their Linux platform recently, and even had a rather nice sale for Linux games for the system. I took out $10 during this time and purchased about 4 games, though after installing, for some reason none of them worked. This week I quickly found out why: I was running Steam in Wine, which isn't the same thing as running it native on Linux.

Going to Steam's website, I quickly found an install file and within minutes had steam running. Logging in, I found that 4 of the games (notably the four I had purchased) where available. I quickly installed all the games again to see how much of a difference it would have made. Boy was it a huge difference!

I went through each of the games, spending about 5 minutes in each to get familiar with the interfaces, get a taste of the story, and move onto the next. I came upon FTL last, as it was something that many people were very excited about. I wasn't sure why, and thank goodness I got the game to really find out for myself.

The Gem in the Rough

This game was very rough around the edges to start off with. Similar to that of the early days of Minecraft, if one judged their book by it's cover they wouldn't really get the chance to enjoy it. The graphics turned out to be perfect for this game.

In essence, the player is given some important technical deal that is supposed to save the galaxy from the evil rebel forces. It is as simple as that. The rest is just random chaotic fun, and the player is the soul commander of a single crew and a single ship. The player moves from place to place, each place causing a random event to occur.

Even playing on Easy, I had quickly gotten my ship destroyed... probably no more than 10 minutes in. At first, I asked myself why this wasn't bad. I had absolutely enjoyed myself, and very quickly I was putting together another crew and giving it another try.

Each try I got further into the game, and learned new things, and gained new ship hulls. Each time threw I gained new crew members, new upgrades, new weapons, drones... it is like I have my own piece of the things that I enjoyed from shows and movies from Star Trek.

It is a race against time, and I must say it was very enjoyable in every way.

The Verdict

I must say, this game being as casual and enjoyable as it is, isn't for everyone. It is, on the other hand, $9.99 and was designed for any type of operating system. Now that Steam has it's platform on Linux, there is little to no reason for anyone to at least give this game a try, as it provides ample fun experiences and plenty of things to work towards.

Though, if getting one's ship destroyed repeatedly and relatively high level of randomness isn't one's thing, I wouldn't recommend it. Though given the fact that I was one of those people prior to playing this game, there is still a significant part of me that really feels like everyone should give it a try anyway.