Friday, February 08, 2013

[FunFriday] Ballistic Inspiration!

This past week, I have had the pleasure of hopping onto +Douglas Cole's blog: Gaming Ballistic where I was able to discuss some of the elements of GURPS, which I have only touched up on briefly in this blog in the past.

Normally, I have found those I speak with to find that GURPS is absolutely flawless in every way and it makes very difficult to really find anything wrong or things that are considered a pitfall, all something to consider when running games in any system where I will be possibly introducing the system to new players as well.

Needless to say though, my experiences in this discussion was not the case...
and thankfully +Douglas Cole, as well as many many others (Including the GURPS Line Editor and master of all GURPS knowledge: Dr-Krumm!) laid it out very clearly for me. Not to mention, the discussion evolved into a whole new line of discussion that I haven't had for quite some time.

This of course inspired a large number of post ideas for this blog, as I find happens to be the case when discussing the elements of an RPG System that both players and Game Masters enjoy. I can only hope to achieve the amount of discussion that Douglas has helped encourage on his own blog.

The discussion revolved around many elements, which I highly recommend if anyone is interested to check out the original and follow-up post at Gaming Ballistic. I will of course be sharing my own inputs on something interesting that came up (In particular using Metagame mechanics to promote "good behaviour"), as well as a number of other topics in future posts.

This day, though, is Fun Friday, and as such, I must find something fun to share. The discussion above made me dive back into my GURPS books again, which for anybody not familiar with my older posts, will know that GURPS is extremely detailed in their supplement books. Many of the books I have prove time and time again that those who put the details into the book are by far some of the most passionately made and content filled books.

This often results in the books being used for not just GURPS, for anybody looking for inspiration for their own home-brewed games. Though one thing that really had me thinking, was wouldn't it be nice if I could start brainstorming setting ideas as a creative outlet/exercise? Well, the following hours after the post resulted in me having created the following... which anybody with the link is welcome to comment on, copy, distribute, share, whatever!

System Specific Campaign Planning Forms:
  • For Mutants & Masterminds 3e - Revolves around Comic Book elements, ages, and things that are specific to Mutants and Masterminds.
  • For GURPS 4e - Designed to be as Generic, Universal, and GURPS-like as possible.

Keep in mind that the GURPS 4e sheet is simply a modified copied from the Steve Jackson Games' resources list at the end of the GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns book (check the footer of the file for a direct link), and full credit is due to them in every respect. Otherwise the templates in the file for Templates and other items are something I have been trying to keep with that file at all costs.

Otherwise, the Mutants & Masterminds set is something I have been working on putting together for a while,  and this discussion gave me the chance to at least standardize it and give the file a bit of flare and personality.

Sadly, at this time, Google Docs does not provide the ability to use Trailing Space lines/dots. I have tried searching everywhere for such an option, with no luck. Regardless of that fact, I will likely, in due time, put in underscores until Google get's their act together (As the lack of such an option is likely something that is keeping many people from using the software for creating forms like I would hope)!

If anybody knows a workaround for that, please either comment here or on the files themselves, and I will thank you profusely and make sure the world knows how awesome of a helpful reader they are!

I hope over time that I can put in more details, such as player profiles, and once I have enough information/templates I'll likely link the folder directly as a page on Muses Dice (listed at the top). With that in mind, I will leave you readers with a question to help fuel this forward: What tools do you like to use in your games? Player or otherwise?

For those from Gaming Ballistic, thank you so much for a great discussion, I hope that I may continue to contribute to the content, and perhaps even play in/host a game using the GURPS System (and actually use any of the eight untouched books staring at me from my book shelf...).

Till next time!