Sunday, January 13, 2013

[SuperSunday] Treu, Chakra Mystic

This week on Super Sunday, I bring to you Treu, the Chakra Mystic. When thinking of a reflection of a character that I feel would apeal to me, as well as reflect some of my favorite heroic elements, I came across the idea of with this naturally talented Chakra Mystic.

Regardless if you are looking for a very passionate hero to play, or for a very deceptive and deadly german mastermind, Treu is the man for you!

Flaming Eye
The flaming eye pattern for Treu, Chakra Mystic

Treu, the Chakra Mystic

Real Name: Felix Treu Webber
Occupation: Student of the Chakra Mystical arts
Base: Freedom City


Treu is a young outspoken youth who many considered to be both out of place and out of time. Chivalrous, determined, and strong willed, True is considered a close friend to many. He enjoys helping out others, especially those who are considered the "minority" and those who suffer from prejudice. Despite his temperment, there is a wealth of wisdom hidden behind his warm lit eyes.

Powers & Abilities

Treu was born with the innate ability to detect the auras of those around him, something he had learned to call Treu Sight. In addition to this, Treu often times finds that his personal chakra takes the form of flaming wolves, and has from time to time allowed him to surprisingly calm disturbed animals.

Treu uses these senses in order to manipulate chakra by means of mystical arts taught to him by a collective of mysterious mystics. This magic that he learned to call Chakra Mystical Manipulation, allowed him to mold the auras of those around him and himself in order to fabricate powerful spells with a theme revolving around fire, spirits, healing, and protection.

Treu is also a skilled ritualist, and thanks to his dedicated study of Chakra, he can spend a hero point to gain a different alternate effect for his Chakra Manipulation as well as come up with unique spells on the fly.


In addtion to the Master Mage Adrian Eldrich and the Freedom League, Treu has gathered quite the collection of connections over the past few years. These connections include some of the most prominent minority groups across Freedom City, gaining the respect of the likes of Johnny Rocket and Lady Liberty.


Treu's efforts to eliminate prejudice in Freedom City has gained him quite the reputation from the likes of Nacht-Krieger, Weißer Ritter (aka the White Knight), and the Übermensch known as Mastermind. As a side note, there are many evil spirits who wouldn't mind making things troublesome for Treu who has a lot of spells that specifically affect incorporeal creatures, making things very difficult for their selfish schemes.


Treu started his life during a time of war when the German powers continued their invasion of US soil. It isn't fully well known of who Treu's parents were other than the fact that the boy was born with the Eyes of Ember. Even to this day, Treu is unsure if his original parents were even human, given his unique abilities and mystical eyesight.

For whatever reason, Treu was handed over to a group of mysterious Mystics who saw the child as a treasure. Growing up, Treu was very familiar with the manied differences of those in the world, as well as the harsh truths that came from living in a world filled with powerful Military Extremists. During his time with the mystics, he learned the arts of magic, learning how to purge evil spirits, heal, and provide simple magic tricks for shows.

Little did he know he was being prepared for what he would soon learn to be what would be the end of Erde, his native planet. When the Terminus Invasion happened, the planet itself was quickly overwhelmed, Omega's superior power and forces quickly overwhelming the planet. The Mystics had told Treu that they had been saving him for something greater.

It wasn't long before the German leadership in this world realized what was going on, and during an attack from some German military soldiers, the Mystics that Treu called his only family forced him through a mirror using some strange spell that he had not quite mastered yet. The mirror transported him into what he can only guess is the modern world where the Germans hadn't even made it to United States soil.

Now, Treu lives each day trying to live up to the ideals that the mystics had raised him up to believe in, hoping that he would someday be able to make their sacrifice to have not been in vein, and has although he has mastered the arts of mirror projection, he hasn't quite found a way to get back home.

Using Treu as a Villain

As a youth, Treu was recovered from an abandoned home and taken into the custody of the German authorities where the youth was quickly taken to a secret lab. Here, Der Führer himself saw it fit to train the child for his own means, calling him "Meine Rätsel", or for for those so unfortunate enough to face his bitter wrath: "Der Rote Rätsel." When gaining enough power, the powerful Mystic destroyed his master and proceeded to test his skill, hoping to find a worthy challenge. Now, he has traveled to Freedom City and is hoping to test his new found skills against the forces of both good and evil.

When using Der Rote Rätsel, he will do what he can to use his skill in intimidation and manipulation in order to put the players and villains against each other. Making sure to study his potential foes, he will use his spells to trap those not strong willed enough to face his powers in a coma while he focuses on more worthy and stronger willed opponents, often times trapping heroes and villains alike in distorted and twisted ideal choices of good and evil.

Changes: Flip the values of both Intimidate and Persuasion.

Treu's Stat Block

Power Level 10Languages: English, German
Abilities: Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 3, Awareness 6, Presence 3
Defense: Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 6, Toughness 12, Will 12
Advantages: Accurate Attack, Animal Empathy, Assessment, Connected, Improved Critical: Shattering Critical, Languages 1 (German), Power Attack, Ranged Attack 6, Ritualist, Trance
Skills: Expertise: Magic 10 (+13), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 4 (+7), Investigation 4 (+7), Perception 4 (+10), Persuasion 6 (+9)
  • Chakra Mantel
  • Chakra Speed: Speed 6 (Speed: 120 miles/hour, 1800 feet/round; Check Required 5: DC 15 - Expertise (Magic))
  • Heart of Flame Aura: Protection 10 (+10 Toughness; Sustained)
  • Reflective Projection: Teleport 3 (250 feet in a move action, carrying 50 lbs.; Extended: 8 miles in 2 move actions; Check Required 5: DC 15 - Expertise (Magic), Medium: Mirrors)
  • Sight of Inner Reflection: Remote Sensing 10 (Affects: Visual Senses - Chakra Sense, Range: 4 miles; Subtle 2: looks normal; Check Required 5: DC 15 - Expertise (Magic), Feedback, Medium: Reflective Surfaces)
  • Chakra Sight (Selfless or Selfish): Senses 8 (Acute: Chakra (Visual), Counters Illusion: Chakra (Visual), Danger Sense: Chakra (Special), Detect: Chakra (Visual) 2: ranged, Infravision, Tracking: Chakra (Visual) 1: -1 speed rank)
  • Chakra Manipulation Array
  • Aura Projection: Create 7 (Volume: 125 cft., DC 17; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Duration: continuous, Precise, Subtle: look natural)
  • Helle Kugel!: Blast 10 (DC 25, Advantages: Improved Critical; Accurate: +2, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Incurable, Reversible)
  • Helle Nova!: Burst Area Damage 6 (DC 21; Burst Area 2: 60 feet radius sphere, Contagious, Incurable, Reversible, Selective; Fades)
  • Helle Smite!: Blast 7 (DC 22; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Reversible, Secondary Effect)
  • Last von Gier: Progressive Affliction 12 (1st degree: Dazed, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Stunned, Defenseless, Resisted by: Will, DC 22; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Extra Condition, Progressive, Secondary Effect; Distracting, Limited Degree, Unreliable (5 uses))
  • Mend the Weave: Healing 6 (Energizing, Persistent, Restorative, Stabilize)
  • Sanctuary
  • Concealment: Concealment 10 (All Senses; Passive)
  • Insubstantial: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal; Limited: Passive)
  • Master Mentalist: Quickness 4 (Perform routine tasks in -4 time ranks; Limited to One Type: Mental)
Offense:Initiative +2Grab, +4 (DC Spec 10)Helle Kugel!: Blast 10, +10 (DC 25)Helle Nova: Burst Area Damage 6 (DC 21)Helle Smite: Blast 7, +12 (DC 22)Last von Gier: Cone Progressive Affliction 8 (DC Will 18)Throw, +8 (DC 15)Unarmed, +4 (DC 15)
  • Motivation: Doing Good: Having known what true evil was capable of, Treu will do whatever it takes to insure the good of mankind is upheld.
  • Power Loss: Treu's Chakra Manipulation spells do not work if he is blinded, as he requires the ability to see Chakra in order to manipulate it.
  • Relationship: There are many people that Treu considers his close friends, and those same people often end up in harm's way.
  • Temper: Treu is always out to protect the underdog, lashing out at any offenders regardless if it is directed to stranger or friend.

Power Points: Abilities 44 + Powers 56 + Advantages 14 + Skills 16 (32 ranks) + Defenses 20 = 150