Sunday, January 20, 2013

[SuperSunday] Guyson, Capoeiran Master

Inspired by a number of sources, Guyson has been something that started with a basic concept: A Street Fighter hero from my days playing City of Heroes, a now deceased MMORPG. When I had the opportunity to play in a game, I took the opportunity to research martial arts styles, and one particular style came to mind: Capoeira.

And with that, Guyson was born. A product of skilled martial arts, and a devotion to protect his brother from the grips of the Troll Serum...

Guy from Street Fighter
Guyson: You don't want to get on his bad side.

Guyson, Capoeira Martial Artists

Occupation: Street Fighter
Base: Subrubs of Orange City
Theme Song: "Crush" by Pendulum
Languages: English


Guyson has a very rough exterior, though those who get on his good side realize he is a very kindhearted and loving person. He isn't afraid to stand up to the "Big Bad Guy" in order to defend those unable to protect themselves.

Guyson will also stop at nothing in order to prevent the slavery and intoxication of others, in any form. This has been his primary driving factor, in the hopes of freeing his brother from the grips of the Troll Serum by which his brother is addicted to.

Also, after the short defeat by his intoxicated brother, Guyson now is striving to further his martial skill, in the hopes of one day defeating his brother, who is constantly seeking for another source of the Troll Serum.

Powers and Abilities:
Guyson is a highly trained Capoeira martial artists who has mastered the ability to focus his willpower in order to make him a fearless fighting machine. Couple this with his extensive endurance training, Guyson is capable of pushing his body past human limitations and enduring even the worst that his body can be put through.

Guyson's Capoeira martial arts style focuses strongly on kicks, punches, grabs, feints, and using his focused willpower in order to bide his time in combat long enough to find that one moment to take his opponent down!


After having been kicked out of a very violent home, Guyson and his brother Mike lived a homeless life in their early teens. The two learned to rely on each other, though it wasn't long before the two were ubducted and forced to fight in a series of Street Fighting competitions. Amazingly, the two found that they were naturals, despite the fact that the two refused to injure an opponent further when they both felt that they were defeated.

Angered by this, their "owners" posed the two against each other, and when the two refused to fight, they forced Mike to take the Troll Serum, an illegal drug used to put people into a crazed frenzy while giving them superhuman strength and vitality. The biggest side affect to this was the fact that it was a very addicting drug, and each time it was taken, it took away from the person's sanity.

Once the drug took it's effect, Mike unleashed his full fury on his brother, the serum taking it's toll on his mind. Forced up against a wall, Guyson tapped into his inner mind, allowing him to see the big picture, not just his brother. Using his brother's anger to his advantage, he was able to direct his brother's anger against his masters, causing enough chaos and destruction to allow other trapped fighters a chance to run free.

Though, when Guyson realised his brother wasn't losing strength, but was actually getting stronger, he turned his full attention to his brother. The battle that followed left the hidden fighting arena in ruin, though Guyson was left defeated just long enough to allow his drug-crazed brother to escape.

Now Guyson seeks to prove himself a worthy fighter capable of taking on the brunt of his brother's monsterous strength, and hopefully find a cure for his growing addiction for the Troll Serum.

Ability Scores

Strength 6, Stamina 4, Agility 8, Dexterity 2, Fighting 14, Intellect 0, Awareness 6, Presence 2


Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Fearless, Great Endurance, Improved Critical 1: Shattering Kicks, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Setup, Takedown 2 (Full Move or until Miss), Teamwork, Trance, Uncanny Dodge


Acrobatics 8 (+16), Athletics 4 (+10), Expertise: Streetwise 6 (+6), Insight 4 (+10), Intimidation 6 (+8), Notice 4 (+10), Persuasion 4 (+6)


Concentrated Willpower
. . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 6 (Traits: Will +4 (+12), Advantages: Fearless, Precise Attack (Close, Concealment); Activation: move action)
Endurance Training (Advantages: Great Endurance)
. . Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 2 (+2 STR)
. . Power-lifting: Power-lifting 2 (+2 STR for lifting)
. . Regeneration: Regeneration 5 (Every 2 rounds)
Urban Movement
. . Leaping: Leaping 4 (Leap 120 feet at 30 miles/hour)
. . Movement: Movement 1 (Safe Fall)
. . Speed: Speed 4 (Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round)


Initiative +12
Grab, +14 (DC Spec 16)
Unarmed, +14 (DC 21, Crit 19-20)


Honor: Guyson prefers a fair fight, prefering to fight his foes when they have a better footing to prove that he is indeed a better fighter.
Motivation (Justice): Guyson will stop at nothing to prevent the corruption of slavery and drug dealing, bringing justice to those who thing otherwise.
Obsession: Guyson takes every opportunity to take on foes that he feels would help him become a better fighter, and trains whenever possible to master his martial art.
Rivalry: Guyson hopes to free his brother, Mike AKA "Trollsta", from the grips of the Troll Serum, treating him more as a rival and challenge than a true enemy.


Dodge 12, Parry 14, Fortitude 6, Toughness 6/4, Will 12/8

Power Points

Abilities 80 + Powers 27 + Advantages 17 + Skills 18 (36 ranks) + Defenses 8 = 150