Friday, January 18, 2013

[FunFriday] The Joys of Spontaneity

Hello everyone and welcome to another Fun Friday! This week, I will have had the opportunity to try something completely new.

Thanks to the joys of the World Wide Web, have allowed me to go outside my norm and actually PLAY in a Mutants and Masterminds game!

Roll20 Logo
Roll20: click, log in, and roll some dice!

As I use Roll20, the more I am growing to love it. Given that I have been experimenting with both RPTools and Roll20 so far and they each have their own pros and cons which I have detailed for some time now. Though thanks to Roll20's relative ease of use and one-click join options, I am finding it to be a lot easier to use it with new players and allow them to just pick up and play.

Just this past Tuesday though, I had finally had the opportunity to play with a group of total strangers after having discovered a posting for a one-shot game in the "Player Locator" subforum at AtomicThinkTank (A forum dedicated to the Mutants and Masterminds RPG Community).

The official posting for the game was short and sweet. A small group of heroes where to go through and do heroic things in a place called Orange City. The game would be via the Roll20 site, and as it would so happen, my schedule had allowed for just the right time frame to play the game.

I posted a response and a character idea for aproval (You can find the exact thread here: "One-Shot 3e online game-Roll20"). I had two goals here: To explore the Roll20 system, and to try out converting/resurrect one of my favourite characters that I had played in the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game: City of Heroes (Now completely dead, a very sad affair indeed).

Street Fighter: Guy
Now up to bat: Guyson, Capoeira Martial Artist!
It wasn't long before we exchanged Skype information, and with a simple click of the link to the Roll20 Adventure, sent to us by the Game Master, we were into the game and ready to roll (pun intended).

* Note: Keep in mind that one must have an account with Roll20 for the one-click to work. But once up and running, you are good to go!

The game started off with a full crew of 4 players. We had a Patriotic Eagle Paragon named American Eagle, a divinely blessed speedster by the name of Blurr, a Powerhouse woman named Princess, and myself playing a Capoeira Martial Artists who fought to bring an end to Drugs named Guyson.

It wasn't long before we started rescuing Orange City from an invasion of what we could only expect to call earth wurms and what seemed like blind mole men. With American Eagle's Leadership, Blurr's speed, Guyson's martial prowess, and Princess' absolute power, the game went so smooth that I do not believe any of us actually got injured.

Many jokes were exchanged (Including a "Now that woman is American Made!" reference to Princess from American Eagle as she pummelled one of the wurms into submission), and relationships were forged.

Roll20: Bring it!
Guyson as he confronts the Wurm and Minions: "Bring it!"

Add in the fact that I feel everyone had a wonderful chance to shine made it very entertaining. At one point, Guyson was surrounded by mole men as well as two wurms. Thanks to his martial prowess, he was able to dance, dodge, feint, and kick his way out of all the attacks while using the minions against each other, completely sweeping the floor with all of them.

Not too soon after, Princess smashed the skulls of the remaining wurms together and followed up on the next turn by grabbing one wurm and using it as a bat against the other, all while American Eagle and Blurr took care of the other large groups of Wurms and Mole Men with patriotic prowess and blinding speed.

The crew was very mature, and not surprisingly most of the players had GMed before but very rarely could play. All in all a VERY enjoyable experience, and one I hope to share with all of them again soon.

If there is anything to be said here though is that sometimes it is good to go outside the norm and do something completely spontaneous. As I have discovered, this particular experience was VERY enjoyable!

For those readers out there, have you experienced anything like this yourself or even had a very positive experience when going outside your normal routine? I'd love to hear about them!