Friday, January 11, 2013

[FunFriday] Have a round on the House!

It is now friday, and time to get back into the swing of having some FUN! And what I share with you today will get you gambling, drinking, and roughing up your friends in no time!

What do I speak of? Nothing other than the fun Red Dragon Inn!

RDI by SlugFest Games
You don't want to get Pooky angry...

Every where I have gone in the world of gaming, I have more times than not brought with me my drinks and coin to share with all. The game revolves around the idea of a group of adventurers who have returned to the wonderful Red Dragon Inn for the night, but not without boasting, bragging, drinking, and gambling away your hard earned wealth, with a bit of arm wrestling or even horrible dancing on the side!

There are currently 3 expansions for the game, each improving on the last, as well as 2 HILARIOUS expansions. You don't need to know much about the game,  you give them a play mat, and a character deck (or decks, as the case is with the 3rd expansion and extra decks go), and the rest is all creative randomness.

The instructions on how to play are located in two places, either on your play-mat or on your card. If ever in doubt, ask the table on clarification, and move on. This very rarely happens, as everyone is mostly having too much fun to care (either that or they are too drunk to notice)!

The most IMPORTANT thing anyone needs to know is this: read what is on top of the card in whatever accent you feel fits the feel for your character, and do so as it revolves around what is going on at the table. Once people get comfortable, what is on top of the card is often times translated into hilarious conversations as people get into character.

So much so that we now have a player who constantly tries his best to get as drunk as he can get with one round of drinking as humanly possible, and so far he is getting pretty close to getting absolutely sloshed by the second round of the game, all while sounding increasingly drunk. Luckily for the drunks in the game, they still get a good bed to sleep in, those who go broke from gambling have to sleep with the pigs and horses. It is just how it is at Red Dragon Inn!

RDI Drinks
Ale Chaser's and Dragon Breath Ale make for some fun times!

This game has been the most requested game I have played over the course of my time in Fort Wayne, and as many people from our local GameQuest will tell you, the game is intoxicating. With a LOAD of personality, fun character interaction, and just a good old time, this game works well in both small and large groups. In larger games, it is often times hilarious to watch a round of gambling go on the first turn to see how many people raise, only to have the Wench go "Hey, that is a mighty fine tip!" and watch as the entire table's wealth goes right into the Wench's tip pouch!

I highly recommend this hilarious game to anyone looking for a good time with friends and family, and although it can be very tempting to buy it from the likes of Amazon, support your local game store and request that they either order it for you or see how many of the expansions they carry or can potentially order. It is WELL worth the wait, and you can find people who can help you with any questions you may have!

Till next time, have a round on the house for me, and hopefully the wench doesn't rob you completely blind with her bountiful personality! A woman has got to eat you know! Happy gaming!