Monday, November 12, 2012

[Valanas] The Power of Legend!

Over the course of the development of Valanas, I have tried my best to include unique elements that make sense and describes WHY things work the way they are. Why do some people have powers, and some don't? Why is magic able to work subtly in rituals, and so significantly as spells for others?

As I'll go into further details, Kisetsu (the Study of Miracles) explains some theory behind this, and how it applies to the game world itself, and how it affects the many different racial elements in the game...

The history of Legend and Magic

To start things off, a bit of background: Valanas, is to a very large extent, a mirror of Earth. It is different in many ways, but acts as the origin, and the end, of magic as it was on Earth so many years prior as only told in myths and legends. It is also the place where many of the Dieties of old have gone when long forgotten.

Instead, now the world itself acts as the very fabric of magic, the very air of what the Gods of old breathed that gave them the power they needed to make miracles, and the very essence that very few on earth are able to enhance through study and dedication of martial arts.

The Creatoan are in fact a select few from Atlantis before the island itself was believed to be destroyed. They had somehow used their infinite power to teleport the island before Atlas tried to destroy the island when one of his daughters had died.

Though as it would so happen... she didn't die, and as many gods before that time, they were transported to Valanas, where one of the racial creatures (the Moleki) found her and nurtured her to the point of re-awakening, and it is her spirit that helps fuel the powers of that very Moleki. And the island of Atlantas now acts as one of the islands to which one of the bloodlines now call home, surprisingly off of the coast of what would be japan.

Though with anything alive, anything sentient, there is always something that represents life, and something that represents end of life: Death, Destruction, and all things that come with it. The Creatoan brought it upon themselves to try to fight that very force of nature, and due to this very fact ended their own existence, the ultimate sacrifice. In doing so, their powerful life force acted as a means of forcing an otherwise purely magical realm into a realm with little magic. Just like Earth.

As players will discover, the will of magic is something that grows over time, and with it the will to live and a will to die. Magic can not be trapped forever, and as each of the sentient races of Valanas are discovering, by performing rituals that "call" on this magical force, they are able to make very minor things happen.

And yet... the will of magic, the will of miracles, calls on a select few to both nurture life, and to destroy it, to provide the ultimate and never-ending cycle of life. These select few are those who are able to manifest the Bloodgates, sources of power hidden within the very fabric of their being, and can be opened in times of great significance. In these very moments, the world itself is at the mercy of these creature's potentially unlimited sources of power.

In Valanas, the players are not just iconic heroes, and they are not merely meta humans. They are the very fabric of Legend, capable of bringing into focus the very essence of power that fuels the Gods of Earth, including the very Gods themselves. You are not above Gods, but you are not by any stretch of the imagination lesser than them.

And it will take every ounce of hope and determination to fight the forces of destruction... who has in recent times found itself focused on a single Moleki, a Moleki who has come to know himself as Atlas, after the name of the God who has since become forgotten, his rage still knowing no bounds and who's power threatens the very destruction of Valanas itself.

Now, what hope will you bring to the world of Valanas? How will you manifest your inner bloodgate, and how do you hope to face the very spirit of destruction coupled with the former god Atlas, the very man who held the planet itself on his shoulders? You are the legend, and Valanas is in your hands. How will you make it your own?