Monday, November 05, 2012

[Valanas] The Importance of Relationships

Over the development of Valanas, one thing has stand true throughout, and it holds true in most Manga/Anime as well. Relationships. Relationships tend to be as strong as a family tie, or as simple as a very potent rivalry that spans the course of many books or episodes.

What I will share with you this week involves some of the overarching relationships that have had a place in recent developments, and it incorporates the good old traditional trope: the manga love triangle!

It all started about a century after what many had called the establishment of the "Laws of Creation," a set of laws put into place by powerful magi called the Creatoan. Not much is known of this time, just different bits and pieces of legend that hint to their origins.

What is known by all, is that at some point, the world was falling into darkness, and in order to protect the very fabric of reality, the Creatoan used their infinite power to lock away the very essence of magic away where no sentient creature could control it, and as a result, trapping away the very darkness that threatened to corrupt the cosmos forever.

Though in that passing of a century, the darkness began to hint at yet another invasion, and a trio of humanoids were recruited by a historian in the hopes of putting an end to this ageless enemy. The trio involved two brothers, and a very beautiful woman from a far away island that, over time, the brothers fell in love with. Despite their affections, the woman remained focused on her goal of purging the world of evil, and the men saw it upon themselves to protect her, and do what they could to impress her along the way.

Some time during their adventures, each of these three manifested what was to be known as the first awakening of bloodgates when exposed to a concentrated source of Mithril, a material that seemed to bring with it high levels of energy that, at the time, was used to perform very basic rituals (the study and performance of which was called Kisetsu).

The manifestations themselves were very subtle, though when faced with a very deadly adversary that was bent on unleashing the darkness upon the world attacked the trio. The battle of which was one that many can remember still to this day, as the foreign and exotic woman proved herself to be capable of summoning large beasts from the essence of the elements.

With this discovery an element of immortality was granted to each of the 3 Originals, each in their own unique way. With this discovery, one of the brothers hoped to impress the foreign woman by discovery a way to selflessly unlock this hidden power to all the sentient races of the world, which he felt they so justly deserved.

After having unlocked his own bloodgate, and the resulting glimpses of all times past and the very reasons why the laws where established to begin with, the brother was greatly angered and refused to help him, and instead sought out to purge the darkness alongside the exotic woman.

This very moment when the three went their own ways, the brothers both angered and bitter with each other, and the Exotic woman who had felt torn between the two men, started what would become the greatest struggle known across Valanas, and the core reason why there is so much hatred and bitterness between the various sentient races as they all, over time, became overwhelmingly aware of the Bloodgates and the power that their manifestations provided...