Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[TechTuesday] The fun of Ubuntu

So as I put together a bit more of an outline for my adventures in Valanas and making it happen in MapTools, I had thought I would share with you all the joys of Ubuntu, the Linux Operating system.

Why? Well, follow the jump ahead to watch a fun video, and to learn a bit more of what Ubuntu is, and what it stands for!

So first off, a bit about Ubuntu. Ubuntu Linux is the official flagship of the Ubuntu line of Operating Systems put together and maintained by the company Canonincal Ltd. who puts together solutions for not just the Desktop but a whole slue of other end users. But what does this have anything to do with you? Well, right now, it means great things to come, a small portion of which can be seen in a bit of detail below:

Alright, now look at your Computer, now back at this commercial, now look at your phone, now back at this commercial. Yes, that can happen, and it is happening.

For some reason I have this sudden urge to ride a horse...

But seriously, the phones that are out there these days (especially the Smart Phones that people try so desperately to keep up with) can do this. More specifically, ANDROID phones. What is the difference? Android, get this, runs Linux... Android IS Linux. Yes, that is right! Apple runs OSX, Windows Phones run Windows, and Androids run... Linux!

"But how is this possible? Windows owns everything! Apple is so Awesome!"

Get this: Android is being a force to be reckoned with right now, because they are pushing for open standards between phone providers, and providing cost effective solutions that people NEED and can afford. And now, with this as a new opportunity, everybody (businesses and people alike) can really make good use of this.

Right now, I am sure that people are gauging interest, though if you want more information on how you can get involved or simply to learn more about the Ubuntu For Android fun, go to their detailed device detail about the project here:


And while you are at it, look around. If there is one thing that Ubuntu is good about, it is about empowering the regular end user and giving them options, and living up to what they claim to be the meaning of the Ancient African word that their distribution is named after: "Humanity to Others."

So with this knowledge, even if you have a claim that your OS is better than the other, what would you do if you could literally take your computer with you in the palm of your hand, just to take it back home and have a full screen? Who needs a tablet at that point? Even better, why not put the phone INTO the tablet and get the same result? The possibilities are endless, and it is there for the taking!