Friday, November 16, 2012

[FunFriday] Revisiting the Old

As I have put together this week a number of ideas of what would make for an entertaining Fun Friday article, I have found that sometimes revisiting old ideas are sometimes the best. The idea that I have in mind pertains to enjoying some of the old items invested in the days of old.

Follow the jump to learn of my adventures playing Magic the Gathering with a number of decks I had put together and have "touched up" over the course of the last 9 years, and how my Fiance had a blast totally wiping the floor with me...
It all started off when my Fiance was having a bit of a downer day, and I offered for her to do anything she wanted. All I asked was that she have a bit of fun playing some Magic the Gathering with me, and more specifically, play some of the fun decks I had put together.

Not really expecting much of a response on the Magic game, she surprisingly accepted, and we got the decks out and I sat down, unsure of how well it would go and if she would really enjoy it. As it would turn out, three games in, we had been easily been playing close to 45 minutes and she was slaughtering me with one of my favorite decks.

And every time, she kept pulling out these cards:

You see, in the game of Magic, one needs a means of eliminating your opponent, and the sources of energy called mana to do it. My fiance was able to do this repeatedly with the deck I gave her with these two cards in the two games.

One card, the Sword of Light and Shadow, allowed her to beef up a creature, give them protection from specific creatures, and made for a very very deadly card. Toss in the Dross Golem, which allows for it to completely avoid specific creatures, comes out basically for free by the time she had enough land to cast the sword.

To top it all off, every time she attacked with this small combo, she would gain 3 out of a starting 20 life, able to bring a creature that I had killed back to her hand (typically another annoying creature), AND took out 5 of my life (a fourth of my starting 20 life total).

The deck she played is a very straightforward deck, and is based around a bit of control, self sacrificing, and a lot of annoying things to complicate matters till the player is able to bide their time to victory. The decks I were playing required combos of some sort, which this deck frustrated all but one in accomplishing.

What made this experience really fun for my Fiance, and others who have played this deck, is the fact that it is very straight forward. You have a basic idea to keep in mind, and that is simply to irritate the player all while sucking the life out of them, all while beating them up with creatures that are very good at evading any specific defenses.

Compare that to some of my highly complicated decks, I have found that Magic doesn't need to be a very complicated sport. Instead, introducing friends and family to the game with this kind of deck has helped me to introduce players to the fact that you can have a simple deck and still do very very well.

Now, what have been some of your favorite games that you have revisited with a loved one that allowed for a pleasant experience? And for those interested, would you all be interested in me posting a separate article on what the deck consists of and how it is played?

I look forward to everyone's input, and if anything I look forward to seeing you all around same time next week!