Friday, November 09, 2012

[FunFriday!] A bit of wisdom, for the fun!

Past couple of days have been one roller coaster after another. Though, despite that, I have found that life revolves around 3 key elements. These elements include Family, Work, and Fun, preferably in that order. Neglect any one of these, and your health will suffer. Have too much of one, your health will suffer.

So despite having my life once again slapped with work work work, how do I manage? I stay in touch, and surround myself with wonderful people. Follow the jump to see how even the smallest bit of fun can really turn things around...

知恵 - Wisdom

You see, this last year, I had it in my mind, that I had to for some reason repeat the events of my life in college. I had it in my mind, that somehow, someway, that working part time and going to school full time and filling my time with more things that I could reasonably manage (just as I did in college) was going to be different than my crash some 8 years ago.

With literally 6 months to go before my 30th birthday, I reached out to ask my parents, friends, and family, what exactly I was doing wrong. How could this be!? I was running more and more into my same old routines, I was biting off more than I could even remotely chew. I was losing sleep, I was watching as my grades began to slip. And I was watching as I had began to take more and more time away from my soon-to-be wife, my friends, and my family.

This was not going to work... and I really need to do as my father put it so bluntly: "You gotta set your priorities, and know your limits".

This same quote rang true with many of the other people I had spoken to, some not as directly, some others injected with their own words of experience. The fact was, I was neglecting my family and to some extent my main form of employment. After realizing this, I took a deep breath and went to work, made my change in availability, and it was pretty clear that my employment was waiting for this opportunity for me as things are now going into motion to get myself successful into what I hope to be a career that was right in front of my face all along.

If this turns out like I hope, I will be able to focus all my "work" investment into work, my family into family, and make more time for my blog, my publication, and more FUN! The lesson learned that one shouldn't rush life, and instead enjoy it as best as one can without sacrificing the others, or neglecting to realize one's limitations, has been the most profound realization I have made in a long time.

Which, with all said and done, I can now start focusing, to a much larger extent, being a part of a community without having to worry, to some extent, of side problems and situations that although I had thought were out of my control when in fact it was my own choice that put me in that position to begin with.

With that, and all the fun of Valanas, I hope that I may be able to have some fun lessons in Kanji, do a bit of drawing, and hopefully bring you my wonderful reader, something more than simply a wall of text.

For those who have made it this far, what life lessons have you discovered in your life thus far? And for those of you close to or have passed your 30's, what has been some of your "moments of clarity" after having reached such a moment in your life?

Till next time my FunFriday readers, let us hope next week will bring with it some REAL fun!