Saturday, October 13, 2012

[RPG Settings] Valanas Resurrection?

I feel horrible for not really keeping up on this, but life is chaotic at best. Though, over the time I've been busy working on Open Source projects for College, I have been working on the side with a close friend of mine to put together what I hope to be a publication for my Valanas Heroic Campaign Setting.

The setting will be called Valanas: Icons of Valor, and will include some new twists on old concepts and memorable characters all rolled up into one. It will include...
  • Summary of what Valanas is all about, how it all got started, and what it means for you as a player/GM.
  • An explanation of key conventions and terminology used in the Valanas setting.
  • Stat blocks for 10 iconic and flavorful characters for fast pick-up play.
  • Concept templates for each racial bloodline for custom builds.
  • Explanations of associations as complications.
  • Stat blocks for at least 4 key villains (such as the notorious Kain) and appropriate Minion NPC templates.
  • Information about the New Port starting city, cosmology, and key conflicts affecting the area.
  • Introduction of Plot Point cards to help conceptualize driving conflicts in an adventure or campaign.
  • A short adventure to help get things moving and to wrap up the document. 
If I can manage it, I also hope to include a new Valor mechanic that allows players to perform self-sacrificing feats in order to provide a benefit to allies as apposed to a straight Hero Point that only benefits the player. The idea here is that you are a superior force, but when you use that force to benefit others, you provide an inspiration to those around you to do the same, or to completely turn the tables.

As it stands right now, it is still in concept, and I have a lot of work still far ahead of me. I'll be keeping this updated as I go along, as I'd like to make the setting as open as possible so that people can make it their own.

As I move along, I'll be keeping an eye out for Managa artists who are familiar with Modern/Magical fantasy who may help with the advancement of the setting and promoting the feel I've been looking for.

Till next time, happy gaming!