Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[M&M] A glimpse of what is to come

So, what has the world of Valanas become over the years? It has grown, evolved, changed systems at least twice, and come back to the same deal. Over the years, each change has helped it to become more of what I hope it needs to be. And what is that exactly? In the hopes of keeping it within what people are familiar with in the world of Mutants and Masterminds, one can summarize the world of Valanas as such...

Icons of Newport [Stat Block]

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Manga Style
Scope: Ongoing Series
Power Level: Heroic to Metahuman (PL 6 to 15)
Tech Level: TL 3 - Modern, moving into the “New Age”
Theme: Action, Hope, and Mystery.
Story Elements: Cosmic Conflict, Magic fueled Technology, Martial Arts, Mysterious Organizations, Feared and Subtle Psionics.
Synopsis: Once sealed away and long forgotten, the Blood Gates that lie dormant in all of the sentient races of Valanas have began to open, bringing with it both subtle and extreme manifestations of power. Now mysterious and sinister forces are emerging in the hopes of gaining control of this power, or simply using their own powers to drive the world further into chaos. Each of the heroes have been tasked with purging the world of these evils and hopefully defend Newport, the only remaining beacon of light flickering in a world full of ever-growing darkness.

Put all this together, and you get the basic feel for what will be, hopefully, the start of a fun campaign. Mind you, this doesn't even REMOTELY scratch the surface of what I hope to touch up on over time, as the setting itself goes a lot deeper than that, and will give players and GM's alike a chance to explore and build onto the world, one "episode" at a time.

As I touch up on what is to come, I'll explain how important the elements of Action, Hope, and mystery are and how they relate to the Specialist, Paragon, and Investigator themes that will be prevalent in any given story that one can expect from the Valanas world. As an added element of the world itself, I have always impressed on my players that it isn't always black and white, there is always a shade of grey where people are often times pulled from one extreme into the other, blurring the line.

As such, one can most certainly expect the "Icons of Newport" to include pre-generated characters that reflect each of these elements. Once I elaborate on this, I'll include a taste of some of the character concepts from the collection of pre-generated characters in the setting to help reinforce this.

Now the question I now share with you all is this: Is this something you'd find worth while? Also, what are some of your favorite elements of Manga/Anime stories?