Friday, October 19, 2012

[Fun Fridays!] Time to have some fun...

In the hopes of keeping things at least somewhat regular, I'll be posting every Friday about something I have found interesting, fun, enlightening, or just generally anything that I think is cool.

To start off with, something interesting happened just yesterday that has me frantically looking for my wallet. Why? Cause I found that one of my favorite RPGs had hit it's 10 year anniversary! Which system is that you might ask? I'll let you take a guess, read on as the answer is...

Mutants and Masterminds!

...Yeah, the fact that I've posted about it a TON is a pretty good indicator of what it was, but still. Despite this, pretty much anyone I have played the game with has had their own interpretation of what to expect. It is a toolkit system, has supers, and you can kinda do your own thing given that you are into how the flow of the game works.

Over the course of these past 10 years, I have seen the system emerge from the 1st edition that it once was, on to what it is today. I have had limited input in the community itself, kinda got a feel for what people think of the system, and totally admired how Steve Kenson has truly made his brain child into something truly amazing.

The news came with something else interesting... I've already invested money into pretty much every reincarnation of the system from 2nd edition on. I have at least two copies of both core books, a pocket Players Handbook and Ultimate Powers, a number of settings books, and now the Masterminds Book, GM roll sheet and DM Screen... yeah, to say that I am a fan is an absolute understatement.

Then, from Steve Kenson's Google+ account, there was a link to this Kickstarter. Right away, the $200 kickser jumped out at me. If I had known that I could have had a character of my choice published by the company would have been insanely epic, but I just honestly don't have that kinda money right now.

What it can potentially become though will be something I would absolutely love to see. As of this post, within only 24 hours of me seeing the post, they have already covered 7k of the $10k goal, and I'll be contributing at the very least $80. Assuming I can get the money set aside to get the $100 package I'll be all up for that as well (And even less unfortunate, the $200 kicker cap was already reached!).

Now I am dreaming of framing those wonderful cover arts on the wall and knowing a good amount of detail about each of the iconic characters on each page, and if possible, learning a bit more as time goes on.

In due time, I aspire to have something similar, not so much for the system, but for the simple fact of having a fun story driven setting that people can point at and say "I know that Character!" But first, I need to toss an email in the direction of Mr. Steve and see about making it possible to publish it under their "Powered By M&M Superlink" signage.

The question I have for you now is, if you had the chance to invest in a fun anniversary rendition of your favorite RPG, how far would you be willing to go/pay to truly make the gift of imagination that they have given you a worth while icon to have in your home?