Friday, October 26, 2012

[Fun Friday!] Staying inspired and productive!

This past week has been both very stressful, productive, and filled with opportunity and inspiration. There have been so many different sources of "fun" to choose from, and thanks to a very productive conversation I had with a friend this past week, I feel a whole lot more confident about what is to come.

Though, to help keep the momentum, I like keeping a work environment that is (at least conceptually) inspiring and enhances the feel of inspiration. Since I spend a rather large majority of my week on the computer, the first thing I wanted to do is put some polish on my Xubuntu Desktop...

As you can see, it is a very pleasant wallpaper image of a place I am not aware of (probably a creation of relhom's mind, who's Deviant Art page I highly recommend you visit!), and the nice thing is as I move through my applications, there is a open border of 62 pixels around each application so I can utilize my middle mouse wheel to switch between desktops (Who needs Alt+Tab?) if I so wish, while still giving me a glimpse of my beautiful desktop wallpaper.

Additionally, the bottom panel hides itself when not in use, and the two panels on each the left and right side have their own themes. The left is all system tools, including process/memory/etc, Terminal, Text Editor, Calculator, and settings. The right side is all the system status items including app store, time, weather, and any informative information not relating specifically with the computer itself.

I am of a firm believer that one's desktop should not be cluttered to insure you feel at least for the  most part sane. Mess is bad, clean is good. As I get more comfortable with how Linux works, I plan to have a small little application to help me prioritize my days/goals for each week.

Though as I do so, I'm starting to consider what I would do if I had enough money to really splurge on something outside of that. And as it would so happen, just this week System76 (A Linux/Ubuntu computer retailer) released the details on the Sable Complete, an All-In-One PC. Talk about sheer simplicity... though I'd be curious to learn if I'd void the warranty if I slapped on another version of Linux?

Either way though, it has been on exciting week, and I feel very inspired and eager to see what the Future has to share. So I leave you all with this question: What kind of elements do you include in your desktop to help you stay productive/inspired/creative and why do you include them? Do you feel it works, or do you feel that it could use some improvement?

Till next time readers, I wish you all well and a equal if not more so productive and inspiring weekend!

Note: Yes, for those who noticed, that IS Lone Wolf's Hero Lab application Icon on the bottom. I run it using a combination "Play on Linux" and Wine to run the software. I have been using it regularly this past week with no problems what-so-ever!