Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rolling the Dice: And the hike continues...

Its been close to three weeks now, and I haven't posted anything. I've been exploring various topics and really getting a feel for what I'm passionate about, and what can really give me things to talk about on a regular basis. Should I specialize? Should I broaden my horizons? Should I restrict how frequent (and alternatively how rarely) I should post my blogs?

All these things and more I have thought about, and with Guild Wars 2 and the Gaming Community being sent to various Conventions that I am not able to attend, I have found I have some time to really chew these things through, and take some time to really get an idea of the taste of this blog. All I need now is get the content to really give me something to chew on.

The Massively Multiplayer Online Experience

So a number of topics have been swirling around in my mind. One of them happens to be a pass-time of a lot of people are seeking an experience in order to fill that "Role Play Game" experience. The only problem is, this has become somewhat of a lacking element in some of the biggest games on the market right now, and in others the concept is so foreign that the idea of a "role" takes on a completely different definition.

What I hope to achieve here is to explain my ideas and explorations of this unique medium of role play games and what I find fits my specific interests. How often should I post in this? As often as it takes to demo the game. How long does it take to get a good feel of the game? We are looking at a couple of weeks to a month. In the event I don't have a game to detail, I can possibly revisit some of the features of previous games and to see how the company has tried to rectify some of the problems I had found in the game.

Some other ideas I've thought about elaborating on is the actual Multiplayer Social Experience itself. Having a mental disorder myself, I often find myself lacking in some of the common knowledge that is involved with social interactions, let alone those same interactions online. Is Online experiences social in some way, as limited as it may be? For sure! How exactly so? Thats something I'd love to detail on.

The Tabeltop Experience

With the experience of the RPG world coming to the focus, having been the original motivation for this blog, I've also thought about what it might take to get the topic to really take hold. Thing is, I'm only very specifically focused on games that are either free or have little investment. But if that was the case, how would people of the genre make a living on this said hobby?

Its this fact thats left me in a conundrum of sorts... what does it take to make a game worth while and what methods are other companies taking to increase accessibility of their product, and perhaps, how can someone else do the same thing with a limited budget? Thats something thats worth writing about, but how can I come across this information? Is it enough information worth blogging about?

It is often said that the journey to the goal is often the best part of life, and as such, possibly setting up a goal for self publishing would work out really well. So coming up with a project to work on that I can stay focused on for long enough is something I really need to work on, as staring projects that I rarely finish is a common thing in my life, be it for reasons of mental instability or just sheer randomness in my life.

Dealing with the Facts of Life

Life itself is something that has proven difficult for many people to take into consideration when gaming. There are just certain times in the year where its just not easy to game. The Summer time is notorious with this in that children come out of school, and seeing as how a lot of people are also parents, this is a big taxing on the game life. So various things can be talked about here, be it for managing one's own schedule to coming up with family outings, making compromises and the like.

The other thing is coming up with a decent schedule for gaming for players, how long of a game session is enough of a game session, and how long does it take to make an encounter last and the like. How can someone accelerate these processes and how you can apply them to real life situations?


In the end, I hope to get some more detailed information out, and if anything I'd like to set up specific posting times. I'd still like to have the same 3/week posts, or at the least twice a week, but limit it to just a single post a day. We'll see how well this goes as usual, as this is as always a work in progress!